What happens when you try to sneak off for a hike without your dog….
You think you’re going somewhere?

I’d love to tell you that Quincy is a trail hiker, but she just isn’t.  It’s not so much the exercise that is limiting, it’s her attention span, judgment, and hip instability that concerns us.  As such, we leash walk her and let her run free on beaches as often as we can, and don’t think she is missing out on much in her carefree boat dog life.  Below, is the story of an unsuccessful attempt by her two primary walkers to sneak off for a steep trail hike without her…told from Quincy’s standpoint – in roman text – with my commentary (in italics).  Just as husbands and wives tend to have different versions of the same story, so too do humans (AKA walkers) and their pets – enjoy!

From the Disposition of the Dane:

“It was a typical morning at the marina.  My a.m. walker started creaking the floor just before 7 which is my signal to start my very loud yawns and downward dog stretches to prepare for my morning walk.  In our usual fashion, we walked, I did my business, I fearlessly protected my walker from the dangerous creatures of the desert (birds, cows that want nothing to do with us, and random insects), and returned home where I planned to rest my weary body and enjoy my breakfast.  I should be resting, after all it was Sunday! (like you know the difference)

So you can imagine my confusion when both my walkers started packing up water bottles and grabbing their running shoes…what is this commotion? (you’re right, there’s no sneaking off a boat)  What kind of excitement awaited me?!  You actually thought you could feed me at a time like this? (uhhh…distraction?)  As I ran back and forth on the boat barking excitedly, it soon became apparent that their intent was NOT to take me on this exciting adventure…perhaps they forgot I was here? (yes – correct on intention, and no, there’s no forgetting you…ever)  I barked louder and frolicked with more pizazz so they couldn’t ignore me, “You need my protection on whatever adventure awaits!” (the entire marina is awake by now, thank you)  Eventually, my am walker realized my value as an integral team member on their mission and picked up my leash (more like: reluctantly acquiesced, realizing not doing so meant we’d have her galloping down the dock off leash after us)– I had won!  (next time I’m drugging you)

I strutted most triumphantly down the dock anticipating the jubilation that awaited me!

Here we go… First, past the guard shack and straight out on the road – “Buenos días guys!  Good to see you again, am I right?!” Nothing new to see here, been there, done that.  Then it happened…NEW TERRITORY!  Do I smell cows?  No, burros?  Perhaps some new creature? …Oh this is SOOOO exciting!  Crossing the road, I’m still on watch to protect my walkers from any danger lurking around the corner (there’s none).  Then up and up we went.  Oooh, this is fun, but my legs keep slipping.  Why are you holding me back on this leash?  (because you’ll run off the trail and try to dislocate your hip…history has so demonstrated) I was born to hike!  (not really, but enjoy it while you can) Up and up we went until we took a break. (Break?  This is the summit for you girl!  What goes up must come down and from the trek up here with you, it’s not going to be a pretty descent.)

About 2 minutes into the Tripui trail hike (AKA Quincy’s summit)

There’s so much to see up here! (we’re only 2 minutes into it) Don’t worry walkers, I’ll protect you in this uncharted territory! (sure)  OOOOH, Is that a person I see? (at least 1/2 mile away on the road below) and could it be….A COW?! (emerging from the bushes far below)  Gotta chase the cow! (attempts to scale the cliff by pulling Chad off trail, thru the cacti and scrub brush in the cow’s direction)  What are my walkers grumbling about?  Turn back now? (YES, most definitely turning back now!).  OK, down we go.  Must hurry down the hill after a.m. walker.  I need to get up front to alert her of any potential threats. (still none)  Maybe we can still catch the cow! (not a chance)  Come on p.m. walker, why you holding me back? (…..expletives that we cannot print). Eventually we headed back home.  What an exciting adventure!  I can’t wait until I get to protect my walkers again on another trail hike”! (never)


 Back on board, Quincy slept for the next 8 hours straight and I had a laugh at my “best laid plans” for a fulfilling morning hike that afforded beautiful vistas ALONE with my husband.  God bless life with the Boat Dane!

This wonderful story was written about a real life hike that just happened but only really got up about 1/8th of the trail…ie: Quincy’s Summit.  This post was written by Quincy and the HelmMistress for your reading pleasure.

PS:  Happy Halloween from Quincy and the rest of the LF2SF Crew from BCS, Mexico.





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