A game review of Roblox- Seven Thrones....the GAME.

Hey guys! Today I have for you: a Roblox game review! The game itself is called Wings of Fire: Seven Thrones! Although there are many Wings of Fire games on being developed or already in beta on Roblox, this one is unique as it is a survival game. Almost all the other WOF games are for role-playing, so this one is a very nice refresher, while giving a new twist on the original series. Here’s the breakdown:

There are seven tribes you can play as: the Pyrrian tribes, AKA Sandwings, Seawings, Mudwings, Skywings, Nightwings, Rainwings, and Icewings. Each tribe has a special, unique stat:

Skywings – Faster fly speed

Nightwings – Night vision

Seawings – Increased swim speed and oxygen

Icewings – Cold resistance

Rainwings – Chance of inflicting poison when shooting venom

Sandwings – Heat resistance

Mudwings – Heals teammates nearby when in a party

Each player can attack other players in two ways- Bite (Left-click) and Breath Fire (Hold R). Sandwings, Nightwings, Skywings, and Mudwings breath fire when R is held, Icewings breath frost breath, Rainwings spit venom, and Seawings breath… water :/.

This game is multi-player, and therefore is PvP (player vs player), and so you can kill other plyers for XP and their items, but you can also join or create a party: a grouping of you and up to two other players, giving you backup during battles, trading partners and generally making the game more enjoyable.

In every region, there is a village, and in every village, there is a cave that you can walk into that teleports you to the Market. The Market is a safe non-PvP /cave that houses several merchant npc’s that you can trade in items for protective armor, weapons against other players, and other useful items, in exchange for gold, and items you collect out in the world, such as feathers and sticks, or precious stones that you mine from ore. To get gold, you can find it in chests hidden all over the world, or trade in items that you find. Also in the marketplace is a collection of chests that you can safely store your items in, so you won’t lose them when you die.

Other helpful tips for beginners:

You can’t mine ore unless you have a pickaxe, so collect stones and sticks to make a stone pickaxe or kill other players for their iron.

Chests with valuable loot are hidden across the world; if you see something amiss, perhaps there is a chest hidden nearby?

Every village has a mine with lots of ore, so if you’re out of ore, you know where to look!

If you get too cold or too hot, you can take damage! Be prepared when exploring new areas.

Be prepared when you see another player; some are friendly, and some are out only for XP.

Anyways, have a great day, guys! Stay safe, stay healthy, Peace!

Karalaral, out.

Kids Corner is published every friday (when there is wifi and inspiration) and written by two kids on a cruising sailboat.  We’re currently in Mexico prepping for passage south through Costa Rica and Panama.

-Yep, this was supposed to be put out this morning but it’s hard to do when the entire area loses power, thus we lose power and wifi.  Hope you enjoy reading the post as much as the girls love playing this game.













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