Baking in the BGE...Hell Yeah!

 Continuing to cook interesting, healthy and appetizing meals for the crew continues to be a priority. To keep things fresh and help with ideas, we bought a number of McCormick Seasoning and Spice packets when we were back in the US, one of which was a mix for Chicken Parmesan.  Yesterday I pulled one of those packets out and was immediately deflated when the directions called for the recipe to be baked.  I thought it could all just be cooked in a pan.  Our oven kind of works…it will broil but it won’t bake.  In a moment of clarity, I decided then and there was I was having that damn chicken and decided to do the cooking in the Big Green Egg.  See, the Egg can bake…it barbecues and smokes too.  So I prepped the Egg for a cooking temp of 425~, which I achieved but couldn’t hold for too long, I have a “small” version of the Egg and unless it’s totally full of premium charcoal it won’t always hold that temperature for long periods of time.  With a larger Egg that temp totally would have been possible, just not with my small version with less charcoal.

So I followed the recipe and prepped my chicken and broccoli while waiting on my Egg to come to full temperature, it wasn’t hard and didn’t take lots of time.

There’s the packet in the back, chicken all ready to bake.

Since I couldn’t achieve the full temperature of 425~ for the entire time the recipe called for and my chicken wasn’t split in half down the middle (to make it thinner), I just cooked it longer.  *Why didn’t I just cut it down the middle?  Look at my pan for the Egg in the pic…I was just out of room.

Baking In The Big Green Egg…Hell YEAH

Finally at temperature and chicken is in the Egg to bake.

I let it all cook for an hour while I showered and had a cocktail.  Afternoons with music and my barbecue are some of my favorite.  After about an hour at around 300 degrees, I added just plain tomato sauce and real parmesan cheese.  After getting a few pieces done and plated to feed the wolves (children), I took the picture below.

The meal, plated and ready to serve.

The author and his family live on a sailboat currently in Mexico.  All of the food seen in this post was treated fairly and cooked well.  The chicken and veggies were cooked on a Big Green Egg, which the author LOVES to cook on and continues to widen the palate with different cooking methods and foods on said barbecue.  Wanna read more….FOLLOW US.

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