A quick summary of our experience in Bahia Santa Maria, BCS Mexico....coming down the west coast of Baja in November of 2019.

A very long overnight and long day (by sailboat) from Turtle Bay is Bahia Santa Maria, BCS Mexico.  Again, we entered at night cautious of the crab pots.  Like Turtle Bay, this is a big open bay with few navigation hazards entering except the crabpots.  But there’s nothing here, so the darkness is really dark.   Guided by the lights of several superyachts and the Baja Ha-Ha fleet, we put the anchor down in 34 feet of water over sand for a great hook.  Laying down about 175 feet of chain, we were fine in the evening winds.  The next day we moved up through the fleet to get much closer to the beach, where Quincy Dog could get onto the beach through moderate surf but nothing we couldn’t handle.  I did get convinced to take a panga to the surreal Baja Ha-Ha Beach party on the bluff.  It was worth it to be on the panga as they go through the surf up the river and drop you off perfectly.  The surreal party on the bluff was interesting.  People were charged $15 US dollars per plate for a fish plate with salad and rice.   Not sure it was worth $15, but it was food in a really remote place.  Bahia Santa Maria is a great safe roadstead for boats going either way with great holding.  Safe for most winds and seas unless they come from the west.  Different from other years, the Ha-Ha didn’t stay in Bahia Santa Maria for 3 days, but decided to go into Mag Bay for 1 day.  So we pulled up anchors and headed to Man O’ War Cove, Mag Bay, BCS Mexico next.  It was worth it.

Tulum-5 under our original asymmetric sail on Baha Ha-Ha 2019. Right after this picture was taken the sail completely shredded and we never used it again. Thanks to Ullman Sails for attempting to help us fix the sail.
Photo Credit to S/V Boundless.

This post was originally written in late 2019 when this anchorage was still fresh to us but we’re posting it now because we’re trying to catch up on our “Places We’ve Been”.  I hope someone from the Baja Ha-Ha 2021 finds this and thinks there’s some value, I know I wanted to devour whatever I could read right before our Ha-Ha.

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