Our oldest daughter just turned 12, but she’s already striving for baking perfection and gets upset when her creations don’t come out like she wants.  This is a product of both practice, ingredients….and baking all of her creations in a solar oven.  See, Tulum doesn’t have a working oven right now so we bake everything either in the Big Green Egg or our Solavare Sport Solar Oven.  All of the baking creations by either the HelmsMistress or our daughter are done in the solar oven.  We have recorded a record heat of 390 degrees while we used it at the dock, but we get less heat on anchor because the boat swings and we’re not meticulous about shifting the solar oven to match the sun every time the boat swings.  Baking is hard, getting something to come out as perfect as what you see on YouTube is nearly impossible cause those folks do it professionally…but we’re still trying to convince our daughter of these facts.  Here’s a few of her creations….ALL done in the solar oven:

This was a slice of our 4th of July cake. There were three separate layers cooked separately and then done into this rad cake. This was half a days work while at anchor…completely done by the 11-year old.
Checking the consistency and temperature on a batch of chocolate muffins.
Halloween themed perfection. First, we were on the dock when she baked these, so there was a more consistent temperature. Then she did the frosting, sprinkles, gold dust and candy corn.

Baking and complex cooking can be done on a boat and in a solar oven if you have the patience, space and ingredients to do it.  Our 12-year old is also the primary writer for the Friday Kid’s Corner Posts that come out when she finds inspiration.  Have a great week.

*LF2SF isn’t sponsored by either Big Green Egg or Solavare Solar Ovens and we have no financial interest except we use the products….alot. 


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