This week, after having Tulum on the market for four months, we made the decision to keep our beloved sailboat and continue our nomadic lifestyle….south.

From somewhere in Baja:

In July we decided to put Tulum-5 up for sale….thinking forward about finding and buying another sailboat with different features.  This week, after having Tulum on the market for four months, we made the decision to keep our beloved sailboat and continue our nomadic lifestyle….south.

It took our whole mega-roadtrip and multiple discussions here on the boat for us to finally make the decision to take the boat off the market and keep her, but we finally realized it was the right thing to do.  Aside from the fact that we’ve now touched, repaired, upgraded and modernized just about every system on this boat, it just seems to make family and financial sense right now to keep her.  Yep, it would be great to have a boat in which both kids could have their own room with different features on it, but we also love the features on the boat we have.  As we walk around Tulum, we realize that we still really like what originally attracted us to her…and we think she’s happy staying with us and coming off the market.

Just after getting back from the mega-roadtrip, our crack mechanical team ripped out the exhaust system….and found the engine problem that we’ve been chasing for the last three months (it wasn’t an engine problem).  It was a relief to find out that all those problems we continued to have didn’t come from the engine, but instead came from a completely clogged exhaust.  We had been tipped off months ago to check the exhaust and should have insisted on the mechanic doing this check…but we didn’t, so we don’t place blame on others.  What we are doing is moving forward by having a new exhaust system custom built and put into the boat…doing some test runs with the new exhaust and then heading south.

We owe a debt of thanks and gratitude to our hard working brokers, Rich and Lorie Boren at La Paz Cruisers Supply who helped us get Tulum on the market quickly.  Thanks Rich and Lorie, we really appreciate everything you did to help us.

In the last week, I’ve noticed a new outlook on our lifestyle.  It’s like a mental fog of uncertainty has lifted and left me feeling happier and more refreshed.  I’m not sure why it’s happened now but I think it’s a combination of camping in real forests (mega-roadtrip), finding out there’s a solution for our engine problems and the decision to take Tulum off the market.  So we’re getting Tulum’s exhaust upgraded and renewed + doing a solid shakedown when it’s done, provisioning and then heading south to start our trip down Central America.  We’ll probably skip La Paz, head to La Cruz from Frailes and head south from there….onward to adventure. 

We’d love it if you would keep reading our posts and we will continue to write, photograph and make our short videos as we go.







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  1. I think you’ve made a great decision!
    I’m glad your keeping your sailboat! have great adventures when you go down south!

  2. I am glad you decided to keep the Aleution and look forward to following your adventures.

    1. Mike, it’s great to hear from you…and thanks. We’re keeping her and as soon as we get this exhaust rebuild done, we’ll start moving. Thanks for reading!

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