Since coming back from vacation and picking their giant breed Great Dane up from the kennel, the authors have realized they are now dealing with an older dog, thus providing more elder care for her on their sailboat.

Quincy loves her kennel in La Paz, so while we did our mega road trip through the Pacific Northwest she stayed there, a doggy holiday.  After picking her up and getting back to the boat….we’ve realized that at (7) seven, she starting to slow down a bit and starting to exhibit signs of Great Dane age.  We’ve been aware of her slowing down for some time, but it was more apparent after taking a bit of a break, then coming back and observing behaviors and movement.

So what are we doing to care for and comfort our aging Great Dane on a cruising sailboat?

I think the greatest part of care and comfort for our aging giant breed dog is awareness that she IS slowing down and making what accommodations we can on the boat.  Tulum is already a low slung, lower freeboard sailboat so getting on and off the boat isn’t hard for Quincy and we have an easy stern exit when she needs to get in and out of the dinghy, so this isn’t a big issue in my mind.  The HelmsMistress bought Quincy another dog bed when we were back in the US, but Quincy doesn’t seem to want to lay on it because of the heat.  Hmmm, foiled again. 

We’ll give this bed time for Quincy to get used to it, especially as the temperatures in Baja continue to come down.

We’re also aware that Quincy may need a change in food due to taking on some age, so we’re supplementing her diet with more glucosamine and a bit of exciting human food every now and then.  Under way, we know she’s not always comfy, so we occasionally try to get some ginger into her food or get anti-nausea medications into her for her own comfort.

All in all, we haven’t changed our routine with Quincy dog that much, but we have added more patience and understanding to the mix to make sure she’s comfy and well-cared for.

LF2SF is a blog and website entirely written, photographed and written while living full time on our 1977 Aleutian-51 Ketch in Mexico (right now).  We also obviously live full time with our giant breed Great Dane Quincy and you are welcomed to ask questions or reach out for information.  We love comments and questions and will do our best to answer every one when we have wifi and/or cell service.

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