From the mind of a giant breed dog who lives on a cruising sailboat
Yes, she really does take up the entire back end of an SUV.

We tried to wrap our brain around how to keep Quincy cooler on the boat, but in the end we just decided she needed a break from the Baja heat and allowed her to stay in her favorite Baja Kennel, Pet and Breakfast while it’s really, really hot on the boat.  So in her own words….here’s Quincy:

“Hmmm…I love riding in cars and we end up at my favorite Kennel!  I miss the family but I love my spa time here at the place and I get to see….other dogs.  Hmm….end of thoughts”

There you have it, straight from the mind of a Great Dane.

Quincy close up courtesy of Pet and Breakfast.
Time at the kennel is great for Quincy’s socialization as there’s not many dogs to play with at anchor most of the time.  Photo courtesy of Pet and Breakfast

Quincy lives full time on our cruising sailboat as we spend time in the Sea of Cortez during hurricane season.  Our sailboat is currently for sale (click this link)and we’re excited to help find her next owners.


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