Something fast, easy and yummy to do with bananas that are past their prime or that the crew won't eat, the HelmsMistress cooks!

Here on Tulum, our crew isn’t THAT picky but sometimes they shy away from eating bananas ravaged by the Baja heat, thus we occasionally have fruit that gets wasted by not being eaten.  This is frustrating as we slowly run down provisions while off the grid; so I decided to consult one of my favorite cookbooks, Thug Kitchen by unknown authors.  This isn’t a cookbook for those who shy away from bad language, as it’s full of the F-Bomb and other expletives in getting it’s messages across.  But I love the fact that this cookbook advocates and mentors potential Vegan/Vegetarian cooks and eaters and makes it a point to highlight dishes that will help you transition from eating meat to food that approximates the taste and texture of meat….easier to transition that way.

We had been out off the grid for several weeks already and we were down to our last bananas, and I didn’t want them to go to waste.  So I suggested that the HelmsMistress try the easy Banana Cream Pie recipe on pg. 202 of this book….and it was easy to make.  We substituted the crust with a pre-made crust but aside from that….we mostly followed the recipe.  Pics below:

Prepping to no-bake the pie by actually reading the recipe.
Getting our ingredients in order on the salon table.
Wow….check it out, the HelmsMistress rocked this pie and we LOVED it.

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