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So. Remember that post I made a loooooong while back? The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Theories? Well, in that post I explained some stuff, but there were still a lot of unanswered questions.  So, some of the unanswered questions:

#1. Who put Ganon, The Hand, and the Lumina Stones/Maybe the souls of some very important that cave?

#2 How Long have they been there?

#3 And who were the souls in the Lumina Stones crying for help?  Welp, lucky for you, I have some theories for that! Of course, these are just theories. They may come true, but if I know Nintendo, they’re gonna try to make Botw2 as un-guessable as possible. So it’s more of a we’re-hoping-for-it, rather than a it’s-gonna-happen situation. But still! So, theory to answer question number uno: so this one is less likely to me than the other theories, but it’s all I got… also, this one goes hand-in-hand with Question #3. So, the breakdown: I’m just going to hand it to ya, straight and simple: it was The Zonai. Woah, woah, woah, hold yer horses. In the next paragraph, I’m going to try to answer as many questions as I can, but obviously I’m not going to be able to answer them all, either for lack of answer, or because I just didn’t grasp the question myself. It is also important that I stress that non of this is confirmed. I’m just speculating.  So, let me continue: it was the Zonai. If you’ve ever been to the Zonai ruins, then you’ll probably recognize the swirl patterns that supposedly represent the Zonai on sight. And in botw2’s trailer, some people say they recognize the swirl pattern on the ruins in Ganondorf’s prison cave. Therefore, it was either the Zonai who built the Ganon’s prison… or the Sheika. You see, all of the ruins in the Zonai city have the swirl pattern, with a tick at the end. A lot of the Zonai ruins that aren’t in the city, though, have just the swirl, not the tick at the end. We draw that it was the sheika because the mazes where you get the barbarian armor weren’t built by the Zonai, it was built by the Sheika. It is assumed the sheika built it because the mazes are a “Challenge for the Chosen Hero”, and who else would build a challenge for the chosen hero? So basically, the ruins were built by either the Shieka or the Zonai. Whichever one you choose. I’m going to choose the Sheika built it. Why? Because I hve evidence that the Zonai served Ganondorf. Listen: the Barbarian armor has been linked to the Zonai, that the Zonai made it. But the hair on it is red… like Ganon’s hair. And the war paint on it that boosts your attack? It bears remarkable resemblance to the war paint on bokoblins, and Moblins, and the war paint on the bokoblins and Moblins gives you a fighting boost, just like the barbarian armor. And if the Zonai used that armor, then this would probably mean they serve Ganon.

But the Zonai just straight up disappeared a long, long, long time ago… well, I can explain where they went. They became the souls in the Lumina Stones, imprisoned against their will, working to imprison their master, and now they cry to you, the wielder of the sword that seals the darkness, to save them. That’s why there are none of te Zonai left… because they were all imprisoned.

Yep, this entire post was conceived and written by a kid who lives full time on a cruising sailboat and is a certified video game nut.  She LOVES Legend of Zelda and some of her other video games.  We’re a cruising family currently in the Sea of Cortez, cruising with kids and the Great Dane.  Wanna help us grow?.. FOLLOW our website-


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