For YOUR viewing pleasure, Kids Corner presents our newest short film, “The Great Documentary of Isla Isabel”

This film is entirely done by the boat kids who write Kids Corner: filmed, edited and mastered by kids for you and all other kids out there.  Have fun watching it….we had fun making it!

Yep, that’s how it looks with two kids on a boat sometimes but it’s really really fun and rewarding.  Kids Corner is proud to put this out and hope you enjoy it as much as they did making it.  Both of our kids live on our cruising sailboat with us and the Great Dane as we explore the world our way….slowly.  When this video comes out we’ll be off the grid in the islands off Loreto but we wanted to get this published for you to view.  Please support our continued work on YouTube and this website by FOLLOWING this website AND following us on YouTube as we work hard to build our YouTube presence.  Every one of you count!

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