Boat Kids discuss cool tech for travel...Nintendo Switch

So. Posting time. And today, I actually have something to write about that (kinda-sorta) doesn’t involve games! It’s actually about the thingie that is at the top of my wish-list: the Nintendo Switch! It’s actually a lot cooler than it sounds, mostly because the developers of the games you can find on Nintendo Switch have never heard the word, “Imperfect”. These games are the next level, some of the best (in my opinion) you can find to date. Why? Because they’re just so… captivating. They entertain you to the best and fullest extent, and the games on the Nintendo Switch are quickly joining my “Hall of Fame” for games, with Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (*angel noises*), Just Dance (think of a song, they have an awesome, choreographed dance to go with it!), Mario Cart 8 and Super Smash Bros (I tend to think of them as sort of the same) joining Minecraft, Sky: Children of the Light, Roblox, and Genshin Impact (I just started),   some of which are practically the GODS of Gaming. I mean, Just Dance? So cool. The moves are perfectly choreographed, and the characters and backgrounds melt in with the song to make, as a whole, something so awesome. For those of you who are confused about what I’m talking about, just dance is a game where you choose a song, you choose which character you want to be, and, holding a controller, you dance along to music while trying to match the moves of the “Dance Instructors” onscreen. It’s pretty awesome. What’s also really awesome about the Nintendo Switch is, it’s a handheld device, so you can take it anywhere, but if you’re in a group and want to have a bigger screen, just connect it to a compatible TV or computer, and boom! Bigger screen, same games and handheld controllers, and all you have to do is plug the Nintendo Switch in. Have a looong airplane flight ahead? Just bring out the Switch, pop in some ear plugs, and you’re good to go! I speak like I have had experience with this Nintendo Switch, which I have, actually. Some friends of ours have it, and we LOVE to play “Old Town Road” on Just Dance, or defeat some Moblins (evil giant creatures that are really stupid and pretty easy to defeat, but really pack a punch if you’re not expecting it) in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Unfortunately, our friends (I will refrain from saying their names for their privacy) will be moving away this summer, only a month away—aaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I will miss them (and Legend of Zelda) so much… but good luck to their new life in a-place-I-cannot/will-not-say! TEAGANUPANDOUT!!

This post and every other Friday post on our website/blog is written by our kids living full time on thier sailboat as we show them a different way of life…traveling slowly.  While it isn’t ALWAYS fun for them, they do get some down time to play with friends, play on the iPads and when possible, play games that take internet.  We post their thoughts and writing every Friday when we have internet…but we’re going to be out most of May so you may not hear as much from them as you want….stay tuned as we appreciate ALL of you following us.




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