Soooo…. I have stuff I wanna talk about, but there’s so little to talk about that this would be a one sentence post so… I’m going to talk about one of my favorite topics for weird conspiracy theories: Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Two!!! (yes, my friends, I have fiiiiiiiiiinnally upgraded my gaming experience to games like Just Dance, Super Smash Bros, AND Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild! Sort of… read on:) I was introduced to Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild by a friend of mine… but he showed it to me by saying, “Search Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild two (this is where things start to go downhill way to fast). So, then we both watched the trailer, and after remarking about how dark and mysterious it was, we continued randomly surfing the web, and nothing more was said about the weird video game trailer (although he did make me watch the trailer for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 1). I did, however, record the video for further inspection later (this is the part where the person on the sled going downhill spots the rock that WILL END ALL THINGS on a sled going downhill). So later: late at night, with the lights off in my room with everyone else outside so it felt like that moment in those horror movies where there’s silence, and everyone is practically dying because SOMETHING HORRIBLY HORRIBLE IS GOING TO HAPPEN, i watched the trailer. (This is the part where the audience yells simultaneously, DON’T DO IT!!! and then the main character does it.) For everyone who is going, AND??? So what?, YOU GUYS HAVE SERIOSLY NEVER WATCHED ANY HORROR MOVIES EVER AND IF YOU DO NOT WATCH BOTW2 TRAILER NOW IN THE DARK WITH NO ONE ELSE AROUND I WILL PERSONALLY COME AND BEAT YOU OVER THE HEAD. Period. Soooo.. to everyone who has done that… I have officially joined the ranks of the cult team of BOTW2 Nerds Who Have Watched BOTW2 Trailer and It Has Left an Impression on Them for The REST OF THEIR LIVESSSSSS. So, the main reason I have entailed this all upon you: I HAVE A THEORY!!! (because literally no one else who watched BOTW2 trailer has come up with a theory ever..) (also, spoiler alert: while I have never actually played the game itself, I know a little bit about Breath of the Wild 1, but if you know nothing about it you probably are about to understand none of what I am about to say.) You know the Lumina Stones/Crystals (I think that’s what they’re called)? And how their item description says, “Rumored to hold the souls of the dead”? I watched the trailer, AND MY CONCLUSION IS: there were a bunch of Lumina Stones in the trailer, so i think that the lumina stones, the souls inside them? The power from the souls is being used to hold down Gandorf. Or whatever the big bad villain that keeps trying to take over the world. The power from the souls is being shaped into something, into the hand that holds Gandorf down. Also, side theory: you know how the hand is the color of courage? Perhaps the courage from the souls inside the lumina stones is being used to make the hand! But still, there’s so much we don’t know! Who, or what made the hand? If the true Gandorf is imprisoned by the hand, then what is making one of the Divine Beasts stop working? And, how did I make the assumption that the souls inside the lumina stones are being used to make the hand? Well, good news and bad news! Bad news: we will never know the answer to the first two until BOTW2 comes out (unless, like, the devs decide to reveal something???). Good news: I know the answer to the last question! But will I tell you??? YES OF COURSE I WILL TELL YOU TO KEEP YOU GUYS FROM THINKING THAT I AM A WACKO WHO MAKES UP HER OWN THEORIES WITHOUT PROOF. So, a little while after I watched and then swore, I would never watch it again and then watched it again, I watched this video that consisted of Monster Maze (a BOTW Youtuber) sending this other youtuber a… sound recording. It was the noise from the trailer, done backwards, and the background noise is edited out, and BOY DID IT REVEAL SOME STUFF. SORT OF. Do you want to know what I heard? A guy singing Yanky Doodle Dandy. KIDDING!! Sorry, I know the humorous part of me is ruining the mysterious moment… it was a voice… or rather, several, it sounded like, chanting in a high-pitched voice, just once, “Help Us, Please.” So, THE END CONCLUSION!!!!: the souls inside the lumina stones are being held against their will, their power being used to hold down Gandorf. The souls are the ones crying “Help Us, please”, because they’re being held, in between this life and the next, and are crying for help from the living so they may join the ranks of the dead. Ooo, a very spooky poem type thing!!! They’ve probably been doing so for… however long they’ve been in that cave, until Link and Zelda came along… which brings up once more, THE HORRID UNANSWERED QUESTIONS: How long have they been in here? Why are Zelda and Link in that mysterious cave that no one really knows about (YET), and why do they look like they’re looking for something?!?!? Who put Gandorf, the Hand, and the lumina stones in there, and, according to some weird YouTube videos that were made by people who have an unhealthy relationship with their computers, coffee, and Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Zelda is somehow evil or something and she’s, like, being POSSESED by Gandorf or something and she’s linked to his freeing???? The world has become a very, very, VERY weird place. Stay Safe peeps! TEAGANUPANDOUT.

While at anchor, prepping for a night run:  The posts that come out on Friday are exclusively written by two kids who live on a cruising sailboat.  We encourage them to write for kids (by kids) in order to get them to think about the world around them and communicate their own thoughts and ideas.  So that’s what you’re getting with these posts.  We’re going to be on the road for the next few days as we head to Isla Isabel then Mazatlan (Mexico) prepping to jump back to Baja to spend spring and summer  (hurricane season) there.  Stay with us as the kids continue to write when we have WiFi and internet.  Wanna support us? FOLLOW US- 





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