Great Danes are big, loving dogs who become very attached to their families. Even on a cruising sailboat, Quincy Dane is no exception.

Quincy Dane is a giant breed dog who lives on a cruising sailboat and quickly learned how to escape the protective netting around the boat…meaning she could come trouncing down the dock when the whole family left to get tacos.  Since most people don’t really understand she just wants to follow us (her pack) when we take off for somewhere else (and she’s a big liability to have loose) one of us now stays in order to keep her on the boat when Tulum’s in a slip.  But this doesn’t mean that when the rest of the family leaves the boat she doesn’t have some anxiety…cause she really does miss the girls when they’re gone and I’m boring.

Yep, Quincy Dane stands or sits up front looking for her girls for hours when they’re all away.

As she’s aged, she’s started to calm down a bit and has really taken to both of our girls, accepting them as a member of her pack.  We already know she loves getting on our bed when she doesn’t think we’re looking, but she’s also started getting in bed with the girls just so they can play or dress her up….but that doesn’t last too long before she tires of it and takes off for some solitude.

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