Sometimes on a sailboat, you just want something I dug into the cookbook for a change of pace for dinner......that would be done in 30 minutes or less and only dirty up one pot.

We use our Big Green Egg and Solar Oven often, cooking simple meals fairly often.  But on a cruising sailboat, there’s some forms of repetition that happen and the crew tends to recognize them quickly; so I wanted to cook a different easy meal since we’re sitting on anchor but have easy access to food here in La Cruz, Mexico.  So I started at Carniceria Kenny…where the owner cut up a kilo of pork for me in small pieces…then gave me a bit extra since we’re good customers.  Coming back to the boat, I also knew I wanted to use the pressure cooker to do a one-pot, easy meal that would be done in 30 minutes or less.  Digging into my myriad of cookbooks, I didn’t find what I wanted to cook until I took out the Tex Mex Cookbook by Robb Walsh.  The recipe is simple but lots of cruising sailboats may not have a stock of chiles on the boat….here in Mexico they’re easy to find (or you have a bag of dried Hatch Chiles in a locker somewhere).  I chose to use the dried Hatch Chiles, I even used the blender like the recipe said to do in order to blend the chiles into a bit of a slush.

Chiles in warm water before blending and my ingredients laid out for cooking.

As for the recipe for Chile Colorado, it was fairly simple but since I knew I wanted a bit of a thinner, more diluted sauce since the kids may not have liked the heat of the chiles like the HelmsMistress and I, I added some extra tomato sauce to the recipe and I also added yellow peppers.  Throwing the meat into the pressure cooker first to brown, I then followed the recipe…leading to some really good food.  And then..into the pressure cooker for 25 minutes of high steam and natural cooling….here’s how it looked when done: 

Done and perfect, with my large pan of done rice in the background.

We’re still here, but we’re sitting at anchor and working on the boat…which limits our access to WiFi.  We’ll be getting on the move middle to end of March back to the Sea of Cortez.  Once there, we’ll hunker down, socially distance and cruise slowly through Baja as we wait to go through Central America for just one more season while the world stabilizes a bit more from the scourge of “La Rona” (we strongly believe in masks and social distancing).  We know we can find isolated places of such grand beauty (and Covid free) in Baja that we want to go back for just one more season….probably fitting Tulum out with Lithium Batteries and a new larger Jib as we go.  We can’t wait to get back to Baja and finally go north through Bay of LA and the surrounding areas in late summer….so we’re already prepping to go that way! 



-Are you still reading?  You didn’t really expect to see me Pressure Cooking naked did you?


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