Wow, I cooked up my own wierd birthday dinner disaster with guests on board...but not naked.

So yeah, I cooked up my own pre-birthday dinner with guests on board…fully clothed, and SCREWED IT UP pretty bad.  Wanna read my story?  Read On:

Prepping to cook on the Big Green Egg…while it blows like snot in the anchorage.

So there I was…friends from our COVID kid-boat bubble coming over and not enough time to do a great pulled pork on the Big Green Egg.  So I decided to do a hybrid- an hour on the Big Green Egg for some great smoke taste and then an hour in the pressure cooker to get it done.  I had some this before with success so I figured I could do it again with less prep.  Or more to the point….with faster prep.

Pork going on the Big Green Egg.

So I threw it on for an hour then I worked on the sauce recipe for the pressure cooking.  Here’s where my first SCREW-UP happened.  I didn’t upsize the recipe with enough thought…and added waaay too much cayenne pepper to the sauce mix for the pressure cooking.  Wow, did I screw this one up.  So after an hour on the Big Green Egg, we took the pork out and added it to the pressure cooker.  Note:  I didn’t pressure cook naked and do not have pictures for you!

Pork in the pressure cooker.

When I took the pork out of the pressure cooker, it was stringy and didn’t quite look done, so I gave it 30 more minutes in the cooker.  Finally we took it out and it was overcooked, tough and overspiced.  I also think it was the wrong cut of pork for pulled pork but that’s totally all my fault for not asking for the exact right cut.  

Things to do different: 1. Do the entire cook on the Green Egg, well ahead of time.  2. Dial down the spices.  3. Don’t overcook the damn thing.  

Probably because it was one of my birthday dinners and accompanied by a good bottle of wine, the HelmsMistress and friends from our Buddy Boat Bubble ate the meal without too many complaints, knowing I had already picked up on the flaws in the food.  I’m thankful but I know I can do better.  Next time, I’ll do the entire cook on the Green Egg.  

Read, learn from my mistakes, laugh at these minor inconveniences and make your’s better!   Wanna support my cooking? Check out our Patreon Site to help me buy real charcoal for the Green Egg. 

PS: Happy Presidents Day from LF2SF and the crew of Tulum V

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  1. To be able to laugh at yourself is soooooo healthy. Better luck next birthday. Folks

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