Little things we do on board that make us laugh and help us turn laborious projects into something fun!  I give you…Egg art! (Post written by the HelmsMistress)

Nope, it’s not an Easter post and nope, it’s not a kid writing this – sorry kids, mom is crashing Kids Corner today.  How do we keep kids excited about provisioning days?  Egg art!  Egg art has been one of Kellyn’s jobs since we started these mass apocalyptic provisioning runs during which we have tons of food coming in that needs to be washed, frozen, separated and/or repackaged in a short period of time.  Egg art = drawings on the top of the egg usually done with the quickest thing I can grab – a sharpie…any color will do.  It was actually intended to serve the purpose of helping to keep track of rotating the eggs to extend their shelf life should we store them for longer periods of time, but it turns out we don’t tend to keep them around that long.  Now, it’s just evolved into a fun project for Kellyn to do while repackaging eggs from the massive cardboard flat into our more compact plastic egg holders. (We repackage the eggs because cardboard in Mexico sometimes comes with cockroach eggs, so not much cardboard comes on board)  It started with simple “X”s and now we have the fan favorites: “Mona Lisa Egg” and “Spinning Wheel of Death Egg”.  The first Mona Lisa Egg actually survived a turbulent passage down to Muertos completely unprotected – maybe she’s onto something!  Does it really serve a purpose?  Heck yeah!  It makes me laugh on the mornings I make eggs as I picture Kellyn taking her time to draw the best Mona Lisa on top of an egg, knowing full well it will not survive beyond the month.  “I’m cracking the Mona Lisa Egg today!” is bellowed up from the galley – cheers all around!  So here’s to the little things we do on board that make us laugh and help us turn laborious projects into something fun!  I give you…Egg art!

So we’ve been sitting in Chamela (not to be confused with Chacala) waiting on some sort of a weather window that doesn’t include high southerly winds so we can get around Cabo Corrientes and back into Banderas Bay.  This post was written by the HelmsMistress for today’s Kids Corner and edited by me….just for your reading pleasure.  Have a Great Day! 

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  1. Your egg art is a great idea. kK good job. Practical and fun. Love grandparents

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