Quincy Dane has started claiming more spaces around the boat as her own!

As you can see from the featured image….Quincy Dane quickly took to the new cockpit cushions in our small second cockpit and decided she’ll now start laying on it….like it’s hers!  Great Danes do this, even on cruising sailboats; although we’re the only folks we know with a full grown giant breed Great Dane on a cruising sailboat.  In that featured image picture, you can also see the condo’s of La Hadas behind us…she sleeps there both day and night!   

Even worse, Quincy Dane has now overcome her shame and simply decided that at night when we’re not looking, that she’ll help herself to just laying on our bed in our room…with no shame at all!  Yep, she does this a lot and it still gets a smile or giggle from both me and Michelle.  See our pic below and have a great day! 

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