Today, another crappy day somewhere on the Gold Coast of Mexico….thinking through a book review for YET another book I had trouble putting down.  I read this book right after New Years while we were still in Bahia Tenacitita, since I had just finished Shadow Divers (click the link to see my book review) which had been all about the author of this particular book, Richie Kohler.  Reading this book in quick succession helped me think through his mindset and continuing hunger for unlocking the mysteries of well-known sunken ships.

The book:  Mystery of the Last Olympian was written by Richie Kohler with Charlie Hudson and published in 2016 through the Best Publishing Company, Palm Beach Florida.  The book is a non-fiction true story based on actual facts, eye witness accounts and original journals to reconstruct the voyages, last voyage, sinking and subsequent stories of discovery of Titanic’s sistership, Britannic.  My copy of the book is paperback with 228 pages.  The book includes pictures and interviews with members of the crew, in-depth accounts of the various expeditions to dive on the wreck and Richie Kohlers efforts to mount several large and expensive expeditions to look for specific details on the wreck.

Without giving up all the details of the book, this is the story of the underwater adventurers who pioneered wreck diving techniques with multiple year dives on the same target off the shores of Greece, on a ship that still breeds conspiracy theories although these are the very expeditions that has worked to prove or disprove the evidence that’s so elusive and hard to find.

After exploring the wreck over a period of years and doing meticulous research…the team still cannot prove for a fact whether the ship hit a mine or was sunk by an enemy torpedo…until these expeditions set out to prove the facts that are still in the ocean for us to see.  Conclusive proof is only really good if you see if via photos or video from the deep…which this book provides in detail for all to see.  A must-read book for those who don’t believe the validity of hospital ships in wartime or the fact that this ship wasn’t carrying munitions!

My book reviews don’t always go into too much detail because I want you to read the book for yourself.  I loved getting to know Richie in more detail and figuring out what drove him…along with the various tragedies that shaped his personal life.  You can grab the book from Amazon via the Amazon link or you can pick it up at your local bookstore.  Give it a try, I think you’ll be fascinated.

Epilogue:  Richie Kohler peaked my interest when I read the true story of his partnership with John Chatterton and their do or die quest to identify an unknown U-Boat of the shores of New Jersey, in the book called Shadow Divers.  Click HERE to check out my book review from last week about that awesome book.


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