Make sure to click the link to see Quincy's Article in about cruising with large breed dogs!

Sitting here under a mega-luxury resort midway down the Mexican coastline, Quincy Dane has had a stressful couple of days barking at jet ski’s, trying to keep her balance in some small roller swells and making sure we know she really, really wants to go to shore.  The shoreline isn’t too hard to get into but Quincy’s home is on the boat…she’s comfortable and safe on the boat.  We love having a Great Dane on the boat and we love your questions, comments or concerns…let us know. 

Quincy Dane takes center stage in the sexy and stylish article by the HelmsMistress about cruising with your canine, especially large breed dogs.  Please click this link ( to check out this latest publishing success by LF2SF and the HelmsMistress.


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