This is totally about the NEWEST Wings of Fire (WOF) update,,,,wanna be in the this post.

OK, first of all, to start off this post, I would like to apologize. First reason for apology: I haven’t been getting out a lot of posts. I don’t wanna sound like I’m trying to get out from under the blame, but since the new year, things have been a bit… rushed. We’ve been rushing from bay to bay, and I honestly just haven’t had enough time to even think about you guys… so, I’m sorry. Second reason for apology: the last post. So… as we all know, I write the posts, dad actually posts them on the website. However, sometimes he gets a bit confused about which posts are supposed to get out (so if you ever see a repeating post… you know who to blame!) … and that happened this time. This particular post was supposed to be about the new Season of Dreams, but I didn’t actually finish it when dad posted it. And I’m sorry. So, anywho, ON WITH THY POSTY!!

So, I know, I know, I’ve already posted about Wings of Fire the Roblox game updates and such, but very recently, a new but major update has come out! And, at the end… A SNEAK PEAK AT THE NEWEST WINGS OF FIRE GAME THAT WILL BLOW. YOUR. MIND!!!

OK, so, the new update: among the things NOT recently added, NO, there are no new kingdoms (aww), NO, there are no new tribes out, weather they were under remodel or just… not out yet at all (AWWW), and NO, they have NOT created a very devilishly handsome Darkstalker NPC for you to moon at all day (WHAT??? NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! (ok, maybe that last one was a bit unpreceded…)) However, stuff that DID come with the new update: the new NPC Copper, a guard for the sky kingdom who is on guard, but coincidentally has lost his armor! It’s up to you to find his armor pieces before General Cormorant finds out and tears him to pieces (sorry, was that one a bit too gory?). The reward for finding his armor: Ruby Embedments! Other stuff in the update: Dens! Almost all of the dens in the game have been updated, with more, bigger “rooms”. Also, new furniture! The Candle and Flamesilk Jar as new lighting components, and THE WOODEN BED! NOW WE DON’T HAVE TO SLEEP ON THE GROUND ANYMORE!! also, JUST WHEN YOU THINK STUFF CAN’T GET ANY BETTER, THEY ADD CARPETS. White carpets, brown carpets, and red carpets!! Unfortunately, STILL nothing can be placed on tables L. Oh, and max furniture amount has increased to 20. OTHER, MINOR ADDITIONS: #1: you can now lift your head ever so slightly when sleeping! #2: the lighting has changed now: you can make shadows! Imagine all of the fun scaring your friends… J. #3: Korvair (or perhaps Arch? I forget K) has been working a bit on the jumping and falling mechanics, and has now imported them into the game. The first tribe to get the mechanics is the Sandwings, and boy do they look good! #4: last but hopefully not least, slight change for the gender symbols! When creating a new dragon, the standard is being a guy, but now, EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL! Sorry, was that a bit much??? Also, you can now tap whatever gender you wanna be, then tap it again… and you have no gender! So… good for non-gender people!

Anywho, as promised, THE NEW WINGS OF FIRE GAME!! Now, I know, I know, some of you peeps out there might be a bit like, “HOW DARE YOU!!! ARE YOU NOT LOYAL TO THE Original WINGS OF FIRE ROBLOX GAME???” or perhaps, “Sure, it’s probably pretty cool, but what does this new game have that the original doesn’t?”. Well (how to say this without offending anyone…), first, I’m not disloyal to the original, I think it’s great, and kudos to Korv and Arch for making the first WoF game (on Roblox), but I mean no disregard or disrespect when I say this game looks pretty cool. This game… well, I wasn’t lying to y’all when I said it’ll blow your minds. (it blew mine). Now, I’ve heard how painstakingly hard it is to create a model, especially of a dragon, or to create a world (in Roblox), but the models… there’s no describing them. Just do me a favor, AND GO LOOK IT UP. It looks EPIC. The models just… take my breath away. Also, I’ve seen vids of the HYBRIDS that the devs of the are making… aww shoot, I haven’t even told you guys the name! the name of the game (NO JOKES ABOUT IT, MAN.) IS (drumroll… brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) Wings of Fire (The Journey)! I watched a QNA vid on YouTube with Dragontypes (wasup, Man!) and the Devs of the game (why is it only now that I forget their usernames???), and one of the questions stuck in my head: (not in the exact words) Question: “Will there be story quests? And if so, will they be following the main story or stories that are not from the original series?” answer: “Yes, there will be story quests, both following the original stories and following new ones J.”

And THAT is how a good post ends. Goodnight ladies and gents and thx for reading! TEAGANUPANDOUT!!






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