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Back to Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Update!!

The next cave biome I’m gonna be talkin about isn’t too big, so I’m gonna include not one, but TWO— WAIT. What is that I hear??? THREE. FRIGGEN. DIFFERENT. CAVE. BIOMES. in this post today! 



We firstly have Dripstone caves! If you’re not familiar with the term stalactite, GET FAMILIAR, PEEPS!! QUICK SCIENCE LESSON!!!: A stalactite is a rock formation that forms in caves. It forms from water dripping from the ceiling, forming a funnel/tornado-like shape that comes down from the ceiling. If it comes down close enough to touch the floor, then sediment forms a base for it. It can also come up from the floor like this, I THINK. CHECK ME, PLEASE, I’M NOT EXACTLY SURE KL. So anyway, the same (pretty much exact) thing now happens in Minecraft! That is, if you’ve gotten the caves and cliffs update! You can place cauldrons under the rock formations and the cauldrons will fill with water, cause lil water droplets drop down from the stalactites. Also, if you just happen to fall on the stalactites coming up from the floor… BLOOD! BLOOD! AAND DEATHHHH– Judy Hops, Zootopia.

 Or you at least get hurt a lot.

 Sooo yah. Dripstone caves. ONWARD AND YONWARD!!

Okee, so now we got Mesh Caves! Interesting story: Not much is known ‘bout them, other than when a Minecraft dev posted a picture on his twitter account. The pic contained these contents: him sitting next to a computer in his home… but on his computer, a pic of what looked like a “mesh” of caves, hence the name. The Mesh Caves are the one of—no, probably the least known biome for the caves and cliffs update. What we do know is that they will be (DUH) like mesh, a cross work of tunnels, crisscrossing and overlapping, leading to many different highs and lows, caverns and cliffs, new and old biomes. How’s that for poetic? :7

MOVING ON. So this one is less of a biome, because I consider biomes to be big-ish. It’s called an Amethyst geode: imagine it (!!!): you’re randomly mining out your own mining cave when suddenly you mine another rock and discover: the rock in front of you has changed from a dull gray color to a light-ish ashy gray!! There’s a giant sphere of the stuff, and and as you excitedly mine through the white-ish colored stone, you imagine the riches inside the sphere! The white rock suddenly gives way, and LOW AND BEHOLD! AN ENTIRE SPHERE FULL OF AMETHYST! These beautiful crystals not only come as a block, but an actual crystal-looking thing, that, when mined, drops Amethyst shards… useful for making a SPECIAL SURPRISE (next post, peeps, sorry)!!! Even better—WAITTHERESANEVENBETTER???—when you walk on the Amethyst block/crystal a beautiful sound like… you are walking on crystals!! ;D  

SOO, IM BAA-AACK!! Today, we’ll be finishing up thy Caves and Cliffs Update Marathon (X”C). With no more Cave Biomes to talk ‘bout, I’m gonna talk about thy second part of the Caves and Cliffs update, THA CLIFFZ!!! (POW POW POWWWWW!!!)

So honestly, not much happnen here, peeps. We do have a new type of snow, called powdered snow, that you can actually fall through, so good for animal/mob traps. It can also be put into a bucket, so maybe it can be put in a cauldron too? Not sure… :/ so Anywho, mountains will also start looking like actual mountains. So now you can enjoy your ice-y paradise without fidgeting and worrying about how un-mountain-like mountains are!! #Nomoreterraforming!! Okee, so other thayn thayt… there’s not much. OTHER THAN THE SUPAH AWESOME NEW MOB!! This new mob, the Mountain goat, can jump up to six feet high! Unfortunately, IT. CAN. NOT. BE. RIDDEN. *Lots of snotty sobbing*. It is very useful, though, if you like to troll people… firstly, it likes to charge a lot, so if you make it stab your friend in the gut and then they die and you collect their stuff and then go on to be the EVILEST MOUNTAIN GOAT MINECRAFTER OF THE WEST!!! then that’s cool too. It’s also useful for this very thing, too: mountain goats have tunnel vision, so when they charge, they can’t change direction easily. This means that you can get quite the laugh when they charge into walls and off cliffs and stuff. But if you make them charge into walls (or at least trees), it will drop a goat horn, and it is assumed that when you right-click the horn, a sound like the pillagers horn will come out… EH HEH HEH HEH HEH HEH HEH HEHEHEHEHHEHHEHEHEHEHEEEEEHEH. JUST IMAGINE IT: you’re strolling through the woods when you get unlucky enough to see a mountain goat that has a grudge with you for no reason (the goat: *GLARES AT YOU* YOUUUUUUUU.), he charges at you, you dodge easily (the goat: “CURSE YOUR FURRY BUTT!!”), the goat instead rams a tree (the goat: OOF), and walks off like nothing happened (the goat: where’d my coffee go???).

However, the goat has left something behind: A ram’s horn. Then, a DESPICABLE IDEA COMES OVER YOU. You take the horn, and decide to go visit your friend’s village. You creep up, un-announced, just outside their house, jump up on top of it, sneak so they don’t hear you or see your name, and blow the horn. You watch as all Armageddon breaks loose for your friend: he/she rushes out of their house in full enchanted Netherite armor and sword, paired with a shield, and searches his/her village for the location of the pillagers so obviously coming to take over the village. >:D BWAHAHAHHAHAHHHHAHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! (oop, I promised I would tell you what amethyst shards did… sorry! KL. However, to say sorry, I will devote an ENTIRE OTHER POST to telling you about it! also, the new items in C.A.C.U.!!)

OK PEEPS! Last post I promised y’all I’d tell you ‘bout the new items coming to Minecraft, and today ima do that :P!!! so firstly, I have to tell you ‘bout copper, because I can’t talk about the amethyst shards without copper! So, copper, another ore! Not gonna stress talking about coper too much, cause this is kinda a rush post for me.. you can mine copper, but one of the interesting bits is, copper comes in copper VEINS!! Basically, you mine some copper, and just when you think there’s no more copper, you notice the rock behind the copper looks a bit off.. so you mine a couple of these odd-looking blocks, and LO AND BEHOLD!! There’s more copper behind the first niche of copper! Awesome!! Also, another perk for copper is the items you can make with it!! the first one is the one I have been BORING you with for the last two posts: Made by binding copper ore and amethyst shards, this rare and useful item has one use, and one use only: A STETHESCOPE!!! Ohhhh, wait wait WAIT! NOPE not a STETHESCOPE, a TELEscope! Sorry sorry.. so anyways, I ruined the grand reveal for ya (I SAID SORRY! L), BUTT I AM HAPPY TO SAY, THE TELESCOPE IS STILL AWESOME!! Still awesome indeed-y. so lemme get to the point. You can use the telescope to spy on your friends, —to study their eating and sleeping habits and break into their base to steal their loot—or you could just use it to check on your pup while you’re away questing. “That too,” says the evil voice who has constantly been egging me on to murder my pet pig in Minecraft. Riiiiiiiight.

Next item is a bit cooler: I mentioned it in the last post, it’s theeeee……. CANDLE (WOMP WOMP WOOOOOOMP)!!! Not much, but kinda cool, I guess.

Cool….and oh yea…Happy Hollidays. 

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