We've decided that Quincy Dane probably isn't a dedicated passage maker! Read on about a Great Dane on a Sailboat.

From the mind of Quincy Dane, translated to human language……”Ok, passage is totally over, I don’t think I enjoyed it very much.  Where’s my drink”? 

“Ummm, where’s my drink”?

So take a good look at my picture and you can of course see Ms. Quincy Dane relaxing on our new bow loveseat…which is sublime to sit on in the evenings at sunset.  Quincy Dane has taken over the bow loveseat and she loves the new stern cushions too. (In the LA PAZ area and wanna have something like this created for your own boat?  Contact Mr. Rich Boran at La Paz Cruisers Supply…his canvas making crew is the best we’ve worked with).   Look closely and you’ll see we’re running the flopper stopper off the main boom….cause Banderas Bay is sometimes a bit rolly.  And again…we LOVE our new Stak-Pak by Zoom Sails…it’s definitely cut down on the workload around the boat.  

For those of you just joining us for the first time….yes we live on a sailboat boat with a pure bred Great Dane (who didn’t start out on the boat) and our two kids.  We’re in our second year of full time cruising and homeschool our kids full time too! We LOVE what we do and we love answering any questions or comments you may have…..lay it on us! 

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  1. love you guys and all of your updates…..so great to see your adventures since the highlight of my week is going to Costco! xoxoxo

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