Here's a new biome update and we're dropping a brand-new custom made video on Youtube.

Ok, everybody, I’m baaaaaack!!! So, I noticed that I haven’t really talked about Minecraft in a while… so, I’ll be talkin’ about the new update that everyone has been raving about, the one you’ve probably been waiting for for years. Yessiree, people! It’s the Caves and Cliffs Update! Because the C.A.C.U (Caves And Cliffs Update) update is SOOOOOOO big, I’ll be doing individual posts bout all of the cave biomes (I KNOW!! Cave biomes. GENIUS!!!)  Ok, Caves and Cliffs update Marathon GO!

The devs really wanted to make caves have that fun, Indiana Jones-y kinda feel, while maintaining some of the original feel as well. So, they made the cave generation a whole lot cooler! There will now be bigger caverns and wider caves, with better underground waterfalls and lakes. There will also be a ton of cave biomes. The coolest (in my opinion) is the Lush Caves. Imagine it: you’re walking above-ground, searching for a really cool biome that came with the new Caves and Cliffs Update, when you suddenly spot a normal looking tree with purple flowers on it: an Azealia Tree! Quickly, you go up to the beautiful tree and start digging at its roots. Soon, the dirt gives way to a beautiful cave, filled with several kinds of plants you’ve never seen before, but heard about: the Drip-leaf plant, which you could stand on, but after five seconds it starts to bend, and you fall through! Then there’s these beautiful looking vines, with what’s called Glow berries growing on them. You can eat them, but their main purpose is to light up the Lush Caves! The best part is the new mob that will be residing in the Lush Caves: the new axolotl! This cute lil mob is sort of like a pinkish white salamander, although this is a very bad description, so I suggest you look it up online. This little guy will probably soon be among your favorite mobs, for many reasons: first of all, IT’S JUST SO DARN CUTE. Second of all, they can be put into a bucket, which will, in some sense, tame them. They will follow you around, and even go on lil adventures with you, attacking drowned and (the main reason players will love them) guardians and elder guardians! They’re quite great in battle, as, when attacked, they will play dead for a few seconds and regain their hearts, then return to glorious and bloody battle (JK)!! So far, they only have the Albino/pink, the brown one that literally looks like a block of dirt, and the green bean! So, for the most part, that’s all I have for this biome in the Caves and Cliffs update! TEAGANUPANDOUT!!

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