It was time for Tulum's naked ladies to get updated, they were looking kind of tired.

Hauling Tulum out recently for bottom paint was cathartic in more ways than one.  While hauled, I definitely had the chance to inspect every inch of the bottom, sides and stern of Tulum…meaning I knew where the work needed to be done.  But because we swim off the stern of the boat on a regular (nearly daily) basis when we’re on the hook, we already knew our ladies on the stern needed an update.  They were looking worked…plain and simply.  The lure of the sea had come and gone with them, as their painted-on clothes were peeling off, various sea-life had taken to attaching to them and they were nothing like when I personally repainted them in a stateside boatyard.  Since these two ladies might of been jealous of Tulum’s figurehead (on the bow) getting a new coat of varnish…I decided the ladies should get a new paint job too….and just go naked.  Meaning I didn’t have a different color to paint on their bottoms….so they just got the same color overall. 

Tulum’s Mermaid’s, in their previous paint scheme..looking a bit rough.  And being prepped for paint. 


Since I didn’t have two colors, I just decided they would go naked all over. First coat.


Done with the second coat. I think they look pretty good in gold.

Tulum’s back in the water and we’re in the middle of redoing all the standing rigging and all of the chainplates.  Wow, the fun of doing all that to a sailboat that you live on…while in the water with two kids and a very large dog. 

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