Ever wondered what your dog would say to you from the kennel? Here's Quincy Dane directly from her kennel....while we do boat work on the hard.
Photo credit to the wonderful staff at Pet&Breakfast, La Paz BCS.

From Quincy Dane:  “So my feeders said something about “haul-out” which I translate to “doggy vacay”!  You see, I needed some rest and recovery and couldn’t possibly navigate a ladder to my cockpit which is now some 15 feet in the air, so I have to hang with my fellow 4-leggeds at my doggie resort, Pet & Breakfast.  So nice to see the ol’ gang again – missed you guys.  While I have you as an audience, I will send a message out to my feeders: Don’t hurry, take your time on the boat projects.  Make sure you get everything fixed up nice and pretty and perhaps consider adding a plush bed and some A/C for your dedicated 4-legged security system….just a thought!  I’m livin’ large right now, stretching my legs and running with my pack.  I’ll be back with more trials and tribulations of the Boat Dane soon enough, but for now…no rush please”!

Photo Credit to Pet&Breakfast


Have a Great Dane Sunday everyone!

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