I’ve stopped reblogging as a habit just because my internet is usually limited and I’ve just got waay too many of my posts to publish on a weekly basis…but this one is so very easy and cool I’ve gotta share it.  The post below is NOT my work and I’m reposting it from the very cool www.yachtkate.com site.  Kate writes for Sistership Magazine and a myriad of other publications and is a serial cruiser…currently somewhere in the Far East.  The reason I’m sharing her post and recipe now is that I’m gonna try this recipe in just a week or so when Tulum gets out of the yard (as Mexico has great cheap pineapples) and I wanted to share it with all of you.  Seems super easy and we’re always looking for new flavor profiles on Tulum.  Give it a go and I bet you’ll like it.  Remember to go on over to www.yachtkate.com and check out the site…consider following her for all the yummy recipes.


Nothing infers tropical in the culinary world like pineapple. Where do you drink Piña Coladas but on a beach? And when you put pineapple on a pizza where else could it be from but Hawaii? (FYI the “Hawaiian pizza was actually invented by a Canadian in 1962, but southern Ontario doesn’t exactly scream tropical so…)…

via Galley Notes: Pickled Pineapple — yachtkate.com

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