Ever wondered about a day in the life of Quincy Dane...Well here you go. A new YouTube Video done by the HelmsMistress herself all about Quincy Dane on the Boat.

Good Morning:

Well, there you have it.  Our first exhaustive video featuring a day in the life of Quincy Dane, our 130-pound Great Dane who lives on our cruising sailboat with us and our two kids.  Many of our readership have asked how the heck we deal with a giant breed Great Dane on a small sailboat….now you’ll get the chance to see in full color and sound in a video done exclusively by the HelmsMistress.

So we invite you to sit back, click the link and watch our newest video, A Day In The Life of Quincy Dane. (Just out this morning so you can watch it on Quincy’s usual spot) 

Ever wonder about our social media?  Well, we have our WP Blog, our Pinterest Page and YouTube Channel and that’s it.  Why?  Because we tried to make more social media outlets work but it was just too much to do from a cruising sailboat.  So we focus on the website as much as we can, making use of the YouTube Channel when we feel we have a great video to put on there.

Watch this new video carefully.  It’s got many hours of heart and soul poured into it….the videos just don’t make themselves, which is why we ask for your support by FOLLOWING our blog or ask you to consider checking out our Patreon Site if you wish to support our videos, pictures and website.

Have a Quincy Dane Day!

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