Agua Verde, BCS Mexico from a kid perspective.

I really like Agua Verde. This large-ish bay has many charms: the snorkeling was beautiful, and I’ve actually seen several different looking parrotfish, which I haven’t seen in Baja for a little while. Then there’s the goats. Big goats, little goats. Brown goats, black goats, white goats, cream goats. Baby goats, mama goats, and big daddy goats. They’ve got them all here. While staying in the southern anchorage, we saw a succession of goats that wowed (and awed) us. There was a lot of photo bombing that afternoon. The small herd, which had come from the very small, very rural seaside village in Agua Verde, trekked across the very slippery, very rocky, recently uncovered rocky pathway (at least in their minds) that had just come up from the tide. What was received the most joyously, however, was the fact that the entire herd went into a large, cave-dotted rock, and came out the other side (we discovered a cave running through it the other day)! Then they surprised us even more when, a couple hours and some anchor drinks later as well, we discovered them on top of the very steep, very large, cliff. We were quite surprised but very wowed. The next morning, they trekked back down the cliff, down the beach, through the hole, and back to the village. We went to the village that same day, and discovered a simple, very chill, very small but nice village (well, rather a couple of shacks). While walking down the one road, the sound of bells, baas and the goats moving around the village accompanied us. We were delighted to find a large pen, which was assumed to be a nursery of sorts, as the pen was filled with little stomping, prancing and cute little baa-ing baby goats, along with a couple of mothers. The rest of the goats were free range, staying close to the village, lounging in small groups in whatever shade they could find. The little village, although without any goat cheese at the time we were there, was full of friendly locals willing to give directions and a small, but nice tienda with vegetables, sweets, potato chips, and fruit. We trekked down the beach to another section of the village, but found only a couple of camping sites and a closed restaurant, due to COVID 19. The bay in itself was very nice, and we loved it. If you are a cruiser in the Loreto/La Paz Baja peninsula and haven’t already, make sure to check it out!

Sunsets in Agua Verde were fantastic.

We’re keeping with the theme of moving south from Loreto to La Paz that the HelmsMistress discussed in her Weds post, except this one was entirely written by my 5th grader.  She’s finally learned to use spell check….thankfully.  We live on our cruising sailboat full time with our Great Dane Quincy and write about our experiences…good and bad.  Wanna support us…please FOLLOW US.



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