A post all about those Dragons in Wings of Fire Roblox

As I promised last post, today I’ll be writing about the different dragons and their abilities in Wings of Fire Roblox the game! First up, we have the Sandwing! In editing your character, you can change from a golden brown to a pale sandy color. If you get the pets upgrade, then in the game you will have a Dragonbiteviper pet, wrapped around your neck! (A bit of info about Dragonbitevipers: in the books, they are the only snakes able to kill a dragon with a single bite! Luckily, they are only a fictional creature (I think…). Clay got his limp because he was bit by a Dragonbiteviper, shielding his friends. He survived because Peril came and burned out the poison, but he was left with a limp for the rest of his life). The only special abilities the Sandwings have [in the game] include breathing fire, and… yeah, that’s it.

Next, I would do Mudwings, but currently they are being worked on in the game and are unplayable, but before, they had no special abilities, other than breathing fire.

Skywings: Skywings are the only tribe in game to have their own kingdom, along with a bunch of mountains and forests and cliffs, as well as the Palace and arena. Cool stuff about the palace and arena: on the prison pillars, any tribes other than a Skywing will have wires connected to their wings, just like in the books. In the palace, a long hall leads the the throne, where NPC Queen Ruby sits. On the walls, floors and ceilings, just like in the book, there are golden flames, clouds and talon prints. Talk about getting the details right! A smaller hall leads to an empty room with gold embedded in the walls. It is empty, but scheduled to be turned into something soon… (*cough, like the wingery… Cough cough*) another small but long stone hall leads deeper into the rock, to the prison. The prison is directly connected to the Arena. Anyway, if you get the special abilities and pets pack, you can become a Firescales, and embers will burn around you wherever you go. For the normal special abilities, you can breathe fire and fly super-fast. *also, almost forgot, if you get the armor, you can only wear it if you are a Skywing.

Next up, I have Rainwings. These super cool color changers have some pretty cool abilities: you can change your color, and go invisible. If you are near a proper one, you can also hang in certain trees. If you get the pets and special abilities pack, then you will have a cute little sloth pet! Rainwings are also very graceful, but pretty lazy in the books. I’ll get on to the other tribes in the second edition to this, okay?

Second Addition:

Okee! Today, we have the second edition to all the tribes and their abilities in Wings of Fire Roblox, the game. First up, and my favorite, tying only with the beautiful Silkwings, it’s the Icewings! I love them because of their glittering but dangerous beauty, their graceful bodies, and their magnificent kingdom. For special abilities, they have frostbreath. For the special abilities and pets pack, you can have a Moonglobe, mentioned in WOF book Winter Turning.They float on your shoulder, and give lots of light out, so they’re good for night times. If you ever see an Icewing in the game with a Moonglobe, lightly colored scales, named Lynx and playing on a Phone, that’s me!

Next, we have Seawings. I also like them, so my second fav. tribe, then. They are very good for night times, as they can see in the dark. They also have scales that light up, good for underwater exploration. They can be anything from green to gray to blue to purple. They have no special abilities, other than night vision and glowing scales. However, in the special abilities and pets pack, you can get royal wing patterns, signaling you have royal blood.

Now, we have my third fav tribe, Nightwings! They have purple to deep black to dark blue scales, and blend in with the night. Special abilities? They can breathe fire. In the special abilities and pets pack, you get teardrop shaped silver scales next to your eyes, signaling you can read minds, at least in the books.

Next, we have my personal favorite, trying with the Icewings, we have Silkwings. These beautiful dragons can have scales of any color, except for black. They are born wingless, but go through a metamorphosis at age six and come out with beautiful, shiny wings, and the ability to spin silk. Some Silkwings are born with the ability to spin burning silk, and are called Flamesilks. That is the special ability in the special abilities and pets pack.









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