Seriously, Wings of Fire IN Roblox,,,ya gotta read this post! About video games from a girl on a sailboat-

I realize that I haven’t really talked about games a lot anymore… so yeah, you guessed today’s topic: Games! Specifically, Wings of Fire, Roblox. OH YES MAMA, THERE IS A WINGS OF FIRE IN ROBLOX. The coolest thing to me since pugs showed up on earth, it is still being made, so you have to pay 60 robux to get it. To me, however, IT IS TOTALLY WORTH IT. (1. It’s cheaper that a lot of other robux-costing games (2. If you are a wings of fire fan like me, you would risk arm and limb to get this game, so yeah. Unfortunately, they only have the sky kingdom, but for developers with a game still not out yet and with so much more to go, they impressed me. There are several AIs/NPCs/whatever you call the talking non-players in a game, most of them Skywing guards. However, the main NPCs give you quests! There’s old Dove, who needs help from a dragon with younger eyes to find the horn band she lost, General Cormorant, who gives you a flying challenge, and Queen Ruby herself, sitting in the throne room of the not-exactly-finished-but-still-pretty-cool Palace, next to the Arena, who wants to recruit you into the Skywing army, but first gives you the quest of finding and lighting all of the signal bonfires (still working on this one.. not sure where the last one is though…). Moving on to: Dens! Scattered around the map are several dens, big and small. Since WOF Roblox was originally meant to be a role-playing game, there are several dens suitable for stores, secret hideouts, schools, and much more. To claim one, find a suitable den and click/tap the sign outside it proclaiming it to be an empty den. Then it’s yours! What fun is, you can go to whatshername’s store and buy furniture with scales (you can get scales by going fishing, and you can go fishing by going into the blue squares you see around the map). Then, back at your den, you can decorate all you want! Next post, I’ll be writing about the different types of dragons, and their special abilities. Stay tuned! TEAGANUPANDOUT!


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