A boat kid dreams of being a gamer!

I come to find myself amazed by how much I’ve changed since I left San Diego, and therefore my old life there. I was excited but nervous as a slightly plump, young, naïve little girl. Little did I know, so much would change. I would thin out. I would shave one side of my head (YOLO!J). I would meet new friends. My goals, what I wanted to do with my life when I was older, changed, and not slightly. I would see a lot of animals I never would have even dreamed of. My bond with my family would grow. I would learn to cherish my time with WIFI and power. I would grow.

There’s a lot I have to show for: swimming with whale sharks, watching our asymmetric split down the middle and get swallowed by the sea, playing with the sea lions at Los Isolates, and more. I tried to pursue that thin chance of going viral if I took some videos of what’s happened, somewhat like S.V. Delos, but I blew it, despite the fact that I had several videos ready that you probably won’t see. So, I moved on to game Vlogging. It actually has worked out okay, so far. Most of them are about Sky Cotl (children of the light, for future references), but in the future, I plan on having Minecraft videos, game interviews, Roblox videos, and more. Hopefully.

Momentarily, my idea of what I want to do when my parents release me is pretty delusional, considering I’m a ten-year-old who wants to live in style. My delusional ideas: (#1. to start, I want to earn money playing video games. Oh, I’m pretty sure that there’s such thing. You could play as like a tester, just playing the game before it’s released and then telling the developers what you think, and maybe giving them some pointers or suggestions. Or, you could be a bug tester. You play the game, and tell the developers if there are any bugs at all. Then the developers fix the bugs in the game.

My other idea is I could be a You-tuber, traveling the world with my sister, doing a video for every country, and basically having a bunch of fun! Okay, sure this idea probably has a slim chance of getting me any actual money, BUT STILL. DON’T CRUSH THE HOPES AND DREAMS OF A [not so young] CHILD.


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