Looking back to being a kid here in PE and another year of adventure roaring up on us.

Sitting here on this still and peaceful morning as the sun wakes on the eastern horizon, I’m struck with a hint of nostalgia.  I was here as a kid on my families cruising sailboat (Tulum II) in the mid-70’s and spent several months here in Puerto Escondido and the surrounding islands, during the same summer/hurricane season as we’ve spent here this year.  It’s been a good summer to be on a cruising sailboat here except for “La Rona” (Corona) Virus everywhere.

Sitting down with my wife yesterday evening to do some work with upcoming dates and projects on Tulum brought home all the upcoming milestones we need to complete to get the legos to fall into place correctly.  Thinking about it kept my head swirling last night and this morning, we’re definitely going to be busy and keep to a loose schedule, without time to waste for the next couple months.

But last year at this time was hectic and much more stressful for us personally.  We were about halfway through Tulum’s complete engine rebuild with our Baja HaHa sailing date rapidly approaching (Nov 4th), we had lost our original crew (to sail down Baja with) and were struggling to find more crew (thank you Jeff and girls for crewing with us) and prepping to sell both our cars as the last accoutrements of shoreside life.  While life was hectic and stressful as shoreside life could be, it was the not knowing about whether our engine would be finished or not (on time) that was the worst for me.  This would have just been assurance from the mechanic, we didn’t get that assurance but by now it’s water under the bridge, not something I need to dwell on by this time.

This year a lot changed in just twelve short months.  We’ve been cruising for the past ten months and COVID roared in to alter cruising patterns, but hopefully not permanently.  Yesterday I sat down to flesh out the cruising route and hurricane portions of our yearly insurance plan, coming due in the next 30 days.  In filling out this email/plan, we were forced to come to grips with the reality of declaring our cruising plans in writing- which effects where and when Tulum can go in certain areas by certain times of the year.  I’m not big on spending loads of time in very lightening prone areas during the rainy season and the insurance company wants us to be in areas of relative hurricane safety during the hurricane season + Tulum and her crew only travel so fast…so all of these elements taken together are wrapped up into the writing of our insurance explanation for the upcoming cruising season.  With that done, my annual view shrinks back down to what we need to get done by the end of this hurricane season to prep for the upcoming cruising season.  When our time here in Baja starts to come to a close, we head south again.  We’ll put into La Paz for much needed yard time to get our hull painted again, work on the standing rigging and try to carve out some more time to do another quicky roadtrip home to see family.

Then….Tulum will point her nose south and go looking for new adventures.







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