The 10-year old updates you on boat life without internet and her newest fad....the Oculus VR Gaming Rig.

So, HALLO EVERYONE! Okee, straight to business.  Do you want bad news or good news first? If you’re like me, BAD NEWS ALWAYS GOES FIRST JUST BEACAUSE I’M LIKE THAT. So bad news: my book will NOT BE COMING OUT.


Yep, it’s true. It was kind of a wreck… however, I am making a better, More Awesome, TOTALLY COOL, BEST BOOK EVER, new book! Yeah, that’s an incredibly simple sentence. AND, it will be about my FAVORITE, totally friekin’ awesome, BEST MYTHYCAL ANIMAL EVER, Dragons! Most of you guys probably know about my obsession with dragons from my fav. book series, Wings of Fire (a very MUST CHECK OUT book series!), as well as my book report that I did a while ago… called Darkstalker (a very tragic love story… or as ‘romantic’ as it can get with dragons…). so anywho, the basics of course: Orchid, a human among dragons, is living a normal life with her adopted dragon family, in the Leafwing city. However, when she discovers something that could tear apart her whole life, she and her best friend Manchineel are forced to leave the city to live on their own. On the way they will meet new friends, find new enemies, and almost die several times in this epic journey!

Okay, that was a long bad news. Of course, it was kind of good news… so, good news: it’s the happy holidays soon, and we are heading into la paz for rigging repairs (there’s never a bad time to fix something) we’ll be there for my B-day (HALLALUJA!!J!) and, HALLOWEEN! I love those months because (A Thanksgiving! A holiday for stuffing yourself with awesome, buttery, gravy MASHED POTATOES (my top 5 fav. food)? Yes please, with open arms! (B MY BIRTHDAY! Oh, and I have a special b-day request, just this once, that I’ll talk about later…(MUAHAHAHAHHA!) (C, HALLOWEEN!! (I just jumped through the screen with open arms, and if I wasn’t saying it, I was thinking, WEEEE! COSTUMES! CANDY! HALLOWEEN!) I honestly love Halloween because I never really did any scary things, I just dressed up so looked horrifying (I get screamed at a lot on Halloween…), go trick or treating, make eyeball cookies (sugar cookies with a bunch of frosting) and blood and worm juice (red Kool aid with jelly worms in it), and have fun with my family. Buuut, anyway, you know how I said something about a birthday request? (I feel really horrible about asking for this) there is this thing called an Oculus. Go ahead and google it (, because it looks really awesome on their website, but because I can’t get a phone, or a pet at all (CURSE YOU, COVID 19!!), my parents hinted at getting this thing called an Oculus. It’s really just a VR headset, but I seriously start drooling just thinking about it… here’s why:

I get really bored when we’re off internet (which is all the time (aww, look at me, being all mad because of a simple little thing I can’t even see or touch)), and although I’ve talked about some amazing games, most of them require internet. It makes me REALLY MAD just thinking about it, because I know mom and dad have phones with cell, and my iPad can’t get cell, so I’m REALLY FRIEKING FRUSTURATED. Anyway, back to the Oculus. The Oculus is, basically, a VR headset that, complete with a charging cord, hand remote thingies (WHAT ARE THEY CALLED?!) and an object sensor so you don’t run into things, that you can play games on. One of my boating friends’ (Everest) has one, and it WAS INSANELY FRIEKING AWESOME. I was especially fond of a game where you could rock climb in Thailand, IN VR. There was also a really cool game called Beat Saber. And this other game, where you have a… well, think of it as a giant, fat, very squished up, ugly, color changing, salamander. Now, I have nothing against salamanders (I actually think their kinda cool!), but this guy… basically, his name is Boto (I’m pretty sure… I kinda started calling him ‘the little monster’), and you spend the entire game level playing with Boto, feeding him, throwing his stick, and cooking food for him (I coined the secret donut recipe K). Everest and Kellyn thinks he’s the cutest thing since Salty (Everest’s pug), but there’s a reason I call him the little monster… they try to convince me, but I remain unconvinced… anywho, I’m getting WAY off topic.


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