A girls ode to dogs, in her own words

An ode to all dog lovers:

Admit it: we have all, at some point, wanted a cute, slobbery, let-me-lick-that-mustard-off-your-face pooch, a companion that will lure you in with his cute looks, small, twitchy nose, and sad, almost begging eyes. Then you adopt him and a life-long bond is forged in the fires of love. He stays at your side till death does you apart, and even then he might be watching over you from the heavens above, always your guardian puppy angel. Of course, the LETMECHASETHATSQUIRRELORELSE, dog droppings all over the floor, suddenly little puppies everywhere that you never wanted, a guilty, peanut-buttery face looking up from the cupboard, even your favorite high heels, chewed up… all dismissed because you just can’t stay mad at him for long. Can’t stand to see him whimpering sadly, or trudging out the door with a sad look on his face. Then the playing comes: chasing him in circles, playing tug-of-war, making him do tricks with a treat, and, at the end of the day, curling up next to him and falling asleep. Bath time is even worse: water everywhere, including in places water should not be, him shaking and barking, making the neighbors mad, and running into the house, trailing water droplets that lead right to the crime scene: him relaxing, still wet, on the pillows on your bed. Oh, the fun you had. How you will mourn him when his time comes, and cry and eat ice-cream in his favorite flavor, Rocky road.

Oh, who could be a better companion?

Like our Friday posts, this one was completely written by my 10-year old, to her 130-pound companion here in the boat…our Great Dane Quincy

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