Yep, more memes but this one will actually be very funny! YouTube video made by a 10-year old on a boat.

Welcome to the third of our series of Friday YouTube Video premier’s….brought to you by LF2SF.  These videos are all about the secrets of Sky, Children of the Light.  They are entirely made by two kids living on a cruising sailboat in the Sea of Cortez.  I’m so stoked you can watch these videos every Friday for the next week, cause the kids put in a lot of time and work on these products and we had to put in lots of work to get them uploaded and ready.  But we do this cause it’s awesome and a way to spark creativity in our kids, not to start a gaming channel on YouTube.  However, if you dig our videos there’s three ways to encourage us and tell us you’re having fun with the videos:  FOLLOW OUR WEBSITE, shoot us comments or support us via our Patreon site.


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  1. Hey Miss T., These videos sure are interesting. I’m curious of the colored ‘doorways’ in this video. Do they take you to a different place? Like – a planet, home town, a previous places you visited? It would be fun to explore with you. Cheers, Miss C.

    1. Teagan says: they do take you to a different place, like different levels. We’re at Coronado sitting through T/S Hernans winds, hope u guys are good

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