Ever seen a Great Dane CANNONBALL off a sailboat? Neither had I.

This post isn’t written from the paws of Ms. Quincy herself, it’s written for her as she’s too traumatized by her experience to remember it and be able to put it into words on the computer with her own paws.  Tulum (boat) was on her way north as part of her trip to Bay of LA when Quincy’s parents stopped for a week or so at Hornitos in Concepcion Bay.  Quincy was allowed to go to shore in that particular bay so every day when her shore excursion came to fruition….she became very, very excited to get to shore, thus very aggitated.

On this particular day…..102 degrees outside and sunny, morning timeframe with light winds….Quincy Dane realized she was going to get to go to shore and became extra aggitated…unable to calm down and dancing on the teak decks.  Except this time….she was dancing beside the lifelines that open and don’t have a secondary lifeline underneath so you can unhook it and step down off the boat.  Quincy Dane became very, very excited and forgot that there wasn’t safe space to turn around, with the lifeline on one side and her owner/feeder on the other….so something had to give and it did.  Suddenly Quincy Dane’s butt started slipping through the lifeline and off the boat….as the rest of the large Great Dane dog body followed.  Quincy Dane was going overboard…butt end first into the water (22 feet deep).  GIANT REAR FACING CANNONBALL!  For an approx count of about 5 seconds, we weren’t sure if she was coming back up, but she did….and she knows how to doggy paddle.  The HelmsMistress was the first to react, diving in after Quincy Dane and taking the brunt of Quincy’s panic.  Guiding her to the back swim step, we were able to get a lifeguard float under her and steady her, allowing her giant legs to get on the swim step and attempting to push her big butt up onto the boat.  Eventually this actually worked…Quincy Dane was back on the boat and shaking herself off.  As we collected ourselves and the kids pulled the dinghy back to the boat….Quincy Dane jumped into the dinghy and looked at us…ready for her shore excursion!

Since her swim debut, we’ve watched for any malodies or signs of stress, but despite taking a pass at typing this post this week….Cannonball Quincy seems to be completely ok.

Yep, we live on a sailboat with a giant Great Dane and our kids, currently waiting out hurricane season in the Sea of Cortez and looking forward to the re-rig in October.  We love bringing you our content and hope you like it too.  Please help us grow our blog/website by Following us and if you wanna buy Miss Quincy some kibble, check out our Patreon Site.

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  1. That may just be the cutest photo of Miss Quincy! So just wondering, did her eyes bug out as she fell backwards. I had a good laugh on this story.

    1. Thanks. We’re in PE for the final time. Then slowly to La Paz to get all of our standing rigging done. Are we going to see you soon sometime?

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