Another Aleutian 51 Sailboat for Sale, in great condition!

As a website that often writes about Aleutian 51 sailing and living (cause we live on one)….I’m excited to be able to help publicize the news that another Aleutian 51 is for sale, in the Caribbean.  Mermaid is a cutter-rigged Aleutian 51 for sale in Antigua/Barbuda with Lighthouse Yachting Ltd. and looks like she’s is in great shape.  For many years the Editor in Chief of Latitudes and Attitudes Magazine Ms. Robin Stout and her husband have lived full time on Mermaid and they partially raised their children on the boat, having sailed it throughout the Pacific and Carribean for many years.  I’ve looked over the pictures and can tell you that the boat looks like it’s in great shape and many of her features look original, giving the boat a strong sense of personality.  If any of you are interested in her and want any more info on Aleutian 51 Sailboats….check out stories on this website or I would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about the boat.  Follow this LINK to see the boat and you can read all about her travels in Robin’s Column in the April Issue of Latitudes and Attitudes Magazine.  As always, we would love for you to FOLLOW this blog and if you like us, consider supporting us on Patreon.










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  1. She sounds like a sweet, sweet boat! My initial hesitation is over the fact that the Ford Lehman engine seems to be original to the boat. I’m sorry but a 40+ year old engine sounds like inviting trouble and a large initial replacement bill, especially for what seems to be a high asking price for any boat of that vintage.. I’m not an experienced cruiser but I’ve read a lot of cruising blogs over the years and engine failure / constant trouble seems to be a breaking point for many considering cruising or, perhaps worse, those already out there living their dreams.

    1. Read ours…..our Ford Lehman is original and we dropped the bearing in the 6th cylinder in Aug of 19. But it was rebuilt and runs like a dream now. Age isn’t a factor in my mind, but upkeep and PMCS Is. our boat had about the same asking price, but it’s all about survey allowances when you get down to it. And I bet Mermaids at a high level of upkeep!

      1. Your engine was rebuilt in Phuket Thailand and that bearing later failed off the coast of Yemen. They got the boat to Egypt and had it fixed again. They motored/sailed the rest of the way around the world and you bought it from them in SD.

        Have you heard anything about my old Aleutian, Amnesia?

        Mike Fuller

      2. Mike, nothing on amnesia, but we bought it from the guy who bought it from them. We dropped the bearing in the 6th cylinder in aug of 19 off Catalina but had it rebuilt and it’s doing great

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