Quincy Dane says....enough already guys, you're provisioning is taking up all my room!

Sometimes we forget that when we provision, we temporarily take up room reserved for our 6-year old Great Dane, Quincy Dane.  She’s 130-pounds of love who occasionally makes us slow down to reevaluate and ask ourselves if we’ve got enough.  Lately, the answer has been “no” because we’re going up to Bay of LA.  However, we’ve reached the point in which we literally have no more room and our waterline has started to go just a little lower in the water, so we had to take Quincy’s advice and say enough was enough.  Here’s how she tells us things like that:

Guys, enough provisioning!

We live with Quincy Dane on a sailboat in the Sea of Cortez where we’re heading to Bay of LA to hide from hurricanes and COVID.  Wanna support Quincy Dane with some kibble or buy us a cold one?  Check out our Patreon Page!

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