The author attempts to a first meal in the pressure cooker, first time ever to cook in a pressure cooker. But not naked!

Hmmm…you’ve heard that a pressure cooker should be on your boat…right?  You might have heard how useful they are and how they will save you propane by cooking quickly and how safe they are and what great food they make…RIGHT?

I had heard all this too…from my mom.  We had gotten a pressure cooker as a gift for one of the holidays (Christmas or my birthday)- what every man wants as a gift right…but never used it.  So sitting in Puerto Escondido after busting out the pressure cooker to start canning, I figured I should give it a try…and started looking for meals to cook with the food we had on the boat.  First I tried my favorite, The Boat Galley by Carloyn Sherlock but didn’t find any pressure cooker specific meals and not many that would work with what I had to cook with (chicken and veggies).  Next I moved into the internet (didn’t have my pressure cooker cook book yet).  On The Spruce Eats, I found the recipe I was looking for with just a few alternations for ingredients I just didn’t have.  Soon I was working toward my first meal in a pressure cooker,  Chicken Cacciatore.

With my meals, first comes the prep, gathering the ingredients and making sure I have as much as I can find for the recipe.

If you look closely in my picture, you’ll see that I’ve got a cooking beer, some of my ingredients are canned or jarred (gasp) and I just don’t have everything the recipe calls for….cause I’m making it on a sailboat.  But for the first time meal in a pressure cooker, I think it came out really nicely.  After trying to follow the recipe as much as I could….12 minutes after the pressure cooker got up to high heat I shut it down and allowed it to slow cool, serving the meal over some spaghetti noodles.  It wasn’t perfect, but it came out nicely and fed the family easily.

The cook and author lives on a cruising sailboat with his family and their 6-year old Great Dane.  The author doesn’t cook naked but in the last 3 months he has learned to can meat, cook in a pressure cooker and cook in a solar oven.  This website features his triumphs and failures in these endeavors as the author branches out from just cooking on his Big Green Egg.  Wanna support us in our cooking and sailing adventures by buying us a cold one? Check out our Patreon Page.

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  1. Chad – Give yourself a break! At least you are willing to experiment until you latch onto something that works and your family will eat. Caccaitore started out, historical, as a hunter’s stew. Whatever was “bagged” that day was cooked down with whatever vegetables where available. Same approach you used – you’re just following tradition.

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