Yep, Great Danes CAN sleep under sail and we can prove it!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Good Morning:

In this post, a rare photo of a Great Dane who’s actually almost asleep while under sail.  See, Quincy Dane sleeps alot…but mostly when there’s shade and she’s bored or tired.  She doesn’t always sleep under sail cause she’s just not always comfortable with all the noises and motions, but we finally captured that rare photo of her under sail.  Here goes:

Maybe not asleep, but down and calm at least.


By the time you read this, we’ll be into our trip heading north to the Bay of LA and will most likely be in Bahia Conception (Conception Bay).  It’s hot in Conception Bay…so I’m not sure how long we’ll last but we’re going up there anyways to check it out, as it’s on the way to Bay of LA anyways.  We hope you love our posts and stick with us.  Wanna buy Quincy Dane some treats or buy us a coldie? Check out our Patreon Link

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