As I sit to write this, I am staring North towards our next destination.  Finally, new cruising grounds for us after being in this beautiful wonderland near Loreto for over 3 months.  I am filled with excitement for what the future holds and am ready to move on.  We arrived just prior to the official notice of beach restrictions and prior to Loreto having (known) COVID-19 cases.  Since then we sequestered ourselves to the boat, watched the patrol boat come into our anchorages to photograph us and play their public health announcement to “stay at home”, bid farewell to friends heading North – by air, land, and sea –  and watched the cruising community adapt to life amidst these restrictions.  This is our 5th time anchoring at beautiful Isla Coronados.  I’m reminded of the first time we pulled in here and being awestruck by its beauty.  White sand beaches with the most turquoise water I’ve seen in the Sea framed by jagged volcanic rock and watched over by a majestic volcano.  We came here when there were 10 or so cruising boats – some using it as a jump off point to head North as we do now, others to enjoy the scenery and refreshing feel of an ocean water swim.  We leave now with no less than 10 pangas daily bringing people to the beach, large charter yachts anchored nearby, and the wonderful sounds of people enjoying the beach again.  It’s as if life has returned to normal again, but has it?  We’re still living through this pandemic with an unpredictable future.  We now head North seeking new beaches to comb, new underwater worlds to explore, and the notorious summer Baja heat to survive.  We focus on what we can control and let the rest go.  Here’s wishing you all a healthy and enjoyable end of summer.

Dolphins at sunrise at Isla Coronados

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