Quincy the Boat Great Dane is pretty much comfy anywhere on the boat as long as she's shaded.

Quincy the Great Dane has few concerns in life except when her food is late, she needs to tell us how much she wants to go run on the beaches and go to shore and any pangas in the vicinity that she needs to bark at.  Right now, she doesn’t leave the boat often in the islands around Puerto Escondido and Loreto because those islands are national parks and dogs are not allowed.  Hard to sneak giant breed dogs anywhere!  But life’s not too bad on the boat for this Great Dane!  When we’re not underway, she finds the coolest spot and sleeps, alot.

The deck…where the Croatia towel has been claimed by her to sleep on….as long as you move it to the shady side in the afternoons.
Again, add a towel and she’s comfy.

By the time you read this, Tulum (LF2SF) and Quincy Dog will be starting our trek north over the course of a couple weeks to end up in the Bay of LA, a free hurricane hole.  We’ll spend August and September in Bay of LA and the surrounding islands hiding from hurricanes and COVID.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t read updates from Quincy Dog, there just might be fewer photos cause we’re gonna be putting out posts via email over the Iridium net.  Can’t wait, so much fun.  Wanna buy Quincy a bite to eat? Check out our Patreon Page!









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