We’re excited.  As you read this, we’ll be sitting in Conception Bay (probably sweating our balls off).  Conception is large bay often used as a stopping point on the trek north to Bay of LA or Puerto Penasco, but we’re not going north to haul out or find a slip.  We’re headed to Bay of LA, where there’s a well known (free) anchorage that serves as a hurricane hole and we can safely cruise it’s many islands.  But the trade off is obvious, Bay of La is very, very hot and there’s little cruising infrastructure.  I’m totally ok with less infrastructure, as a cruiser we take most everything we need with us when we move anyways.  But unlike the areas around Puerto Escondido where there’s a cellular signal….there’s little cellular or WiFi available where we’re going.  I’m ok with that.  We’ve got Iridium so we can get text and email out, I can continue to update the blog by email and we’ll only be up there approx two months before we need to start our trek back to La Paz to get Tulum’s standing rigging re-done.

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