Cap'n Fatty takes you on a whirlwind tour of bohemian 70's boatbuilding, surviving hurricanes and hanging out with the Pirate Queen in "Chasing the Horizon".

Finding enough free time to read a book on a boat probably seems like a piece of cake to most folks, but it’s valuable free time for me that’s not spent in vain.  I read to relax but I also read to learn.  On my website/blog, I don’t review books unless they have some benefit for my readers….general fiction doesn’t fly but I do read it and love it, I just don’t review it.

Knowing me and my desire to learn from others, the HelmsMistress grabbed this book off a marina loaner shelf way back in February that I’ve just now finished and laughed all through the book.  I’ve read several of Cap’n Fatty Goodlander’s other books and like his style.  I liked his style so much that I chose to give away “Creative Anchoring (on anchoring) also written by him…to someone who may benefit from it like I did.  I regret that I didn’t get to review it in writing before I gave it away.  “Chasing The Horizon, The Life and Times of a Modern Sea Gypsy by Cap’n Gary “Fatty” Goodlander is written and copyrighted in 1991 and my particular copy of the book was printed in 2012.

What can I say about this book without having a huge goofy grin on my face when I discuss it?  Fatty has become one of my favorite funny authors because he still lives and works on a boat, tells it straight and brings out my optimism again.  Fatty takes the time in this book to discuss his unusual upbringing as part of a real water borne gypsy family, takes the reader through the heady days of building his own boat and meeting the love of his life and learning to write to eat.  Most of us have never survived a massive hurricane on a sailboat, spent decades in the Caribbean or known a real pirate queen…but Fatty and Carolyn definitely have some experiences that you and I don’t.  Wanna take a read about the real Caribbean scene in the bohemian 70’s and 80’s…this is the definitive book to do that with.  Coming in at 155 pages, the book includes seven poems by Cap’n Fatty’s sister, Carole Borges.  Although this book was written while I was in college…ie long ago; it still stands the test of time and laughter.  Wanna a copy? Grab it from Amazon with the links I’ve provided above.

Once I complete a book review on some of the books on Tulum, they usually send up in the loaner basket or library of the nearest marina…waiting for someone else to pick them and enjoy a read.  I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did.  Thanks Fatty.

Here at LF2SF we live on our boat and are currently in the Sea of Cortez avoiding both hurricanes and COVID.  Spending hurricane season this year/summer in the Sea was a part of our loose plan all along (so we’re still following it)…the challenge is figuring out what we do in November when we had planned to go south through Central America, which might still be closed despite OUR plans.



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