With no working oven and a crew hungry for bread….the HelmsMistress learns to bake in the Solar Oven

This story was not written by the HelmsMistress!

Let it be known first off that the HelmsMistress had NEVER baked bread in her life before the trials and tribulations discussed in this post.

Sometimes yearning is the mother of success and failure…like the crew’s repeated requests for bread…with the oven still on the fritz.  But in this case, it’s simply because we’ve dug the Solovare Solar Oven out of the tub and the HelmsMistress was determined to learn how to bake bread.

Starting with Shortcake from the Solovare Website, we had most of the ingredients and substituted the rest…making a good shortcake that even Quincy approved of:


Bread was next.  She had sourdough starter from S/V Kyrie and used it, but there were complications that cannot be priced into the bread baking process.  This first sourdough experiment didn’t end well…and may have become fish food.


Still determined and with a recipe from The Boat Galley Cookbook…Irish Soda Bread is easy with fewer ingredients and easy to cook.  Using the solar oven to cook Irish Soda Bread proved easy and the bread didn’t last long on the boat…eaten quickly by our pack of hungry crew.



We knew we wanted to try the sourdough again, so using the starter and Solar Oven, the HelmsMistress made another batch of Sourdough.  It was awesome and proved we can make bread in the  solar oven, but it was eaten so quickly I wasn’t able to even get a picture of it.

We live on a cruising sailboat in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico where we’re currently self-isolating from COVID AND hiding during hurricane season.  In July we’ll start the trek north to Bay of LA, Mexico where we’ll really hide from hurricanes; but in the meantime we continue to hone our skills with our solar oven, pressure cooker and Big Green Egg.

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