Yep, she's written two other posts about MineCraft Hacks and is getting pretty good on that game.

Hiya! So, we’re in Coranados again, the place with the bees. Not much really has happened. And happy father’s day! Oh yeah, by the time you guys get to read this, it will be past father’s day. So… happy late father’s day? I guess… by the way, I have to warn you guys: we will be going up to LA bay (look it up), where there will be absolutely zero WIFI, so expect my posts to stop. It won’t be for another while, though. I’ll make sure to tell you.

So anyway, I’ve decided to go ahead and do a THIRD edition of Minecraft hacks, because really, I’ve covered the basics of what’s been happening in the real world. #1 so, I at least, have always wondered why after a lightning storm, I sometimes find that my pig farm has been turned into a zombie-pig man farm, which, I mean, is nice, I guess, because free gold nuggets and stuff and I don’t have to go into the nether, but what about Fred? And George? And all the other piggies? Well, the thing is, when a pig is hit by lightning, it turns into a zombie-pig man, which is helpful if you want some gold nuggets and rotten flesh, I guess… #2 so say you’ve been in your mines a little long, and lost track of time, and returned to your village to find complete havoc. The iron golems are gone, and all that is left of the villagers is zombie villagers. Well, fear not. Supposedly, if you throw a splash potion of weakness at one, and then feed it a golden/enchanted apple, it will be cured. However, I am still testing this one out, so no guarantees. #3 this one is a fav. for me, particularly because I like wrecking complete havoc everywhere (sometimes). Basically, you place a T.N.T. block, and then shoot arrows all over it. Then, light it up. Do you get the gist of what I’m gonna tell you? Basically, arrows shower in every direction, and anyone and anything in the arrows’ way is dead meat. Talk about a bloodbath. #4 this one is about explosions too, and its really kind of funny, but not very useful, unless you want to explode something. Take some flint and steel, and wait for a creeper to spawn. Then go near it, and right click it/ press the ignite button that appears on the screen, and back far away, because it’s gonna blow! #5 so this one really doesn’t have any use, I just thought I’d mention it, because I’m nice like that. If you name an illager Jonny (depending on the device you play on, it could be uppercase or lowercase), it will become hostile to all mobs, which I guess could come in handy (maybe). TEAGANUPANDOUT!

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