Quincy Dane wanted to use her blogging day to say “Happy Fathers Day” to all the dads out there, no matter where u are. Sitting here in a quiet bay, some drama seems far away while other stuff hits home right away. As a family we’re keenly aware of the physical distance away from our families but keep in touch as much as possible.

Ummm, Dad….get up?

Sitting here looking over the Anchorage, there’s at least 8 boats with kids. In past days it would have been a kid swarm, but now you hardly see the kids and they certainly don’t hit the beach together. It’s a disappointment to be sure but safety prevails in our minds. We don’t fit some of these boat groups, but we’re ok with that as we really can’t socialize anyways.

I’m waiting!

Happy Fathers Day to all of you.

We’re a family living on a cruising sailboat with two kids and our Great Dane. Like other boats here in the Sea of Cortez, we’re here through hurricane season then we’ll see what parts of the world are open to us after that.

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