Yeah, dad isn’t gonna like this, but I’ve already told you guys the basics of what’s happening, right? Soooooo… how ‘bout I talk about Journey?

Hullo! So currently we are in Puerto Escondido (again) only because we have a leaky tank; we actually just put it in on Friday (today is Sunday), and we’ll be leaving tomorrow. Probably gonna go to candelaros (did I spell that right?), to wait out a southerly wind, then will stay around the Puerto Escondido/Loreto area for some time, at least until we get the hundreds of packages that we ordered (not kidding; we go on a shopping spree every single time we order something). So yeah. The basics in 2 sentences (3 if you count the greeting). Sooooooooooooo… I have absolutely ZERO IDEA what to write about. I mean, dad doesn’t want me to write about sky…

OH. I HAVE THE BEST IDEA IN THE UNIVERSE OF IDEAS. HEHEHEHEHEH. Yeah, dad isn’t gonna like this, but I’ve already told you guys the basics of what’s happening, right? Soooooo… how ‘bout I talk about Journey? Journey is, basically, a game where (WARNING: spoilers up ahead!!), well here’s the introduction story: there was once a great mountain. From that mountain came magic. From that magic came all life: the birds, the plants, and the people. These people learned to control the great magic, and with it, they built a great empire that soon overcame the desert land that they lived in. however, one day, they soon ran out of the magic. A war broke out over the five nations to see who would get the magic. One of the kingdoms made machines, machines that took all light from any being that it found, and the machines were practically invincible. However, the people that made them soon could not control them, and the warring peoples that had once been a great nation died, and their kingdoms were soon buried in the sands of time, while the machines continued their work in the darkness and ruins of the great kingdom. The last grain of magic, which was stored in the mountain, fell to the earth, and a great hero was born: you. Or at least your avatar in the game. You can’t actually talk to any players, but rather communicate using musical birdlike calls. As a matter of fact, Journey is the first and only game to have ever earned some special award for its music; the music is actually heart touching. It’s one of the only games that actually made me that emotional. I was seriously working hard not to cry! And it is so cool! You collect these glowing, white, floating glyphs, which makes your scarf longer, and your scarf helps you to glide. And gliding specifically. But really! YOU HAVE TO TRY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD (and this is not one of those times that I have had way too much sugar. I promise.)!!!! TEAGANUPANDOUT!

Hi, the 10-year old author above lives on a cruising sailboat in the Sea of Cortez during the time of COVID.  We allow our kids to write for the blog every Friday (when we have connectivity) in order to give them a voice on our website and allow them to foster creativity in their own writing styles.  Their topics are not heavy edited but we make sure they don’t offend many people.  Hell, I’m usually the offensive one…but I only write on Saturday’s and Monday’s.  Take care and stay safe-

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