Great Danes just have a thing about comfort.

Good Morning, this might seem like a huge generalization, but based on my own experience with four different Great Danes…they like to life of comfort.  The three different Danes we’ve had since marriage have all been inside dogs when possible, not liking to be outside or away from the family when we were around.  When we were not around…they often showed us how much they missed us by providing clear evidence of the form of destroyed couches, fences and assorted other furniture items that were never the same again.  I digress….

Here on our cruising sailboat, we live with a full grown, 6-year old Great Dane who likes her comfort.  She hates to be away from the family and cannot stay on the boat (on the dock) alone but does great at anchor alone.  While she likes her beach time (when legal) she also lets us know she’s ready to get back to the boat by just jumping back into the dinghy and looking at us.  Since we’re not a huge sailboat, we definitely don’t have the level of comfort she was used to when we lived in a house…so she finds comfort where she can these days:

A piece of cockpit sole (where it’s coolest on hot days) and no one can move without her knowing.


Her cockpit cushions, where she can bark at Pangas without even getting up.


The deck…where the towel has been claimed by her to sleep on….as long as you move it to the shady side in the afternoons.


And her sleeping pillow, sometimes used when she gets tired of sleeping on cockpit cushions.


Quincy Dane likes her boat life but loves to be around the family the most.  We’re happy to have her near us in this time of COVID and can’t dream of life without a Great Dane (we had one since we’ve been married).

Quincy insists on one more photo to remind you to PUT ON YOUR SUNSCREEN, no matter what the brand.

Quincy likes the smell and taste of Raw Elements as she tries to lick it off us and it’s REEF SAFE.

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